SFW A Conversation With My Lover.

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By Big-Timber · Apr 22, 2017 ·
  1. Big-Timber
    [[Enter Caomhan and Stefan, in the living room of their flat.]]

    I was actually born in Ealdwic, but my mother brought me to Romania until my first birthday. We moved to some of her friends in Fairy Glen, Saskatchewan. My childhood was a rough and tumble age. From the time I could walk I was always curious and loving the outdoors. I was about 5 years old when I first started learning how to use magic, my fae blood helping with it. By 6 I could call down lightning bolts, I never used them against people, I was actually home schooled until I was 7, and by the time I was 10 I knew more than most of my classmates, it was until my 13th birthday that I started becoming a little dark, my mood changing, starting to dress in black, I even painted my nails. My mother was worried but she loved me and let me do it, this carried on until my late 20’s, I went to prom with one of my crushes in high school. The school frowned upon it but they let me, he was shorter than me obviously, but he was sweet. I stayed with him until my 20th birthday when he was killed by wendigo, I became a bee 6 months before that, so I took up my shotgun and acted out what would be a 15 year vendetta, years of fighting cannibal cults and wendigos throughout the province. On my 35th birthday it all stopped. I rested, I spent some years in Fairy Glen before being contacted by the Templars, I spent 2 months thinking about their proposal and then refused, I instead teamed up with Sanctuary and quickly got a job with FaeMen. I did that for 4 and half years, I still model every now and then, and it was just a few weeks ago I met you. It’s been a hectic time but I love it and I want the best for you, every now and then I get called out into the field because of my Bachelor's Degree. Yesterday I got glasses, today I had a photoshoot, and now time with you.

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