A debt to be repaid (Close call)

By Kuro-Hebi · Dec 14, 2016 · Updated Dec 15, 2016 ·
  1. Kuro-Hebi
    A dept to be repaid
    August 24th 2015

    He was merely lying on his back in a patch of grass, looking up at the sky or what little he could see, between the tall buildings of Kaidan and the strange fog, wrapping the city in a blanket of mystery and death. His breathing was laborious and painful, yet he still gripped the bloody katana at his side, ready to slice any Filth creatures who'd dare disturb his final moments - because he knew a century of fighting was coming to an end. A thin smile appeared on his lips, one of his lazy smile, as if nothing could phase him. He did see a lot in those pass one hundred years, far more than any man should. He was ready for his eternal sleep now, he had nothing left here; no family, no lover, no friends. Just him and his katana. Closing his eyes to the few stars that managed to shine up there, he took a deep, shaky breath. His blood was tainted by the Filth, he could feel it, creeping its way to his heart. If only he knew how to end his own life, he would have done so and avoid turning into what he had been fighting for so long. What shame and dishonor! That was his only regret; this wasn't the way to die for a warrior.

    As if the Kami were listening to his plea, he heard footsteps and, opening his eyes, was greeted by two men looking down at him with concern painted on their faces.

    "The corruption has taken hold of him. Carry him Love, it is not safe here. We are close to the entrance to Agartha, let's make our way there, I will attempt to purge the corruption from his bloodstream." A British accent, perfectly articulated. The man with the silver hair and soothing gray eyes was most likely from an upper-class family. He tried to look at the second man - bronze skin, golden eyes and hair, quite the strange look to him - before he was lifted and carried on this man's back. The two men then dashed forward, the speed at which they ran making it obvious they were likely one of those Chosen of Gaia.

    It took mere minutes before he felt the golden glow of the Sakura Tree on him. He was gently laid down near its roots but he couldn't focus on anything much, drifting in and out of consciousness.

    "It has not reached his heart yet."

    That British accent again. Then a flash of red pain as a blade sliced into his flesh. He could feel his coat and shirt had been opened, exposing the black tendrils crawling under the skin of his left arm and slowly extending toward his chest. And he could almost feel those same tentacles squirm and protest, as if possessing a mind of their own, when they were slowly but surely pulled out of his body. How long it took, he couldn't say, as his mind was adrift between dreams and nightmares. When he finally opened his eyes, the two men were still there. The silver haired one looked a bit pale as he was resting against the Sakura Tree, sucking in Anima right from the source. It was the golden haired man that came to him when he woke up.

    "Hey there, how are you feeling? You got friggin' lucky you know that? Especially for someone who's not a Bee. But something tells me you're not an ordinary guy either, mm? I'm Fox by the way. The man who saved you is Thanos." And he pointed to the other man, resting against the tree.

    How could he tell he wasn't a Chosen? Unless he was one of those Anima sensitive he heard about. It was of little importance. He slowly pushed himself to a sitting position before laying his gaze on the bronze skinned man again.

    "I'm Kuro. I thank you for saving my life. I've never been infected as such by the Filth before. I presume it would indeed have been the end of me. As you guessed, I don't have Gaia on my side to fight such corruption." A quick look at his arm told him the corruption had been successfully removed and he quickly buttoned his shirt again. "How may I repay you?" he added, looking at the two men.

    Fox simply blinked at him a few times before answering. "It's all good, no need to repay us. Just having you back in the fight is good enough." He offered a grin to the Japanese man.
    "It's a matter of honor that I repay you for giving me back my life." Katsuro replied. He was adamant about this. That got him an audible long sigh from Fox in return.

    "You Japanese and honor.... no no I get it. Tell you what... How about you help us from time to time? We can always use more people who can handle themselves on the field. Here, take this, that's where I work. Thanos here is a contractor too and he lends a hand when he can, or if we're in dire needs. So, no obligations okay?"

    Katsuro took the business card and nodded. "I shall look into this. Though it has nothing to do with Japanese honor. It is merely my personal honor code." He offered one of his lazy smiles and cast a glance at the business card before getting up.

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