A moth to the flame (Hard Choices)

Sometimes we make the wrong choice... but is it too late to change?
By Kuro-Hebi · Oct 16, 2016 · Updated Oct 16, 2016 ·
  1. Kuro-Hebi
    Hard Choices
    Write about a time that your character had to make a hard choice — maybe even one that they regret making to this day.
    This is something I wrote a year ago but it can't be more relevent. Kuro had to chose between two person... and he made the wrong choice initially. Good thing that Theodore's love for him was strong enough to forgive him.

    A moth to the flame

    Oct. 20th 2015

    His one hundred and fifty dollar bottle of sake laid empty on the coffee table, next to equally empty bottles of cheap Korean beers. Katsuro let out a long sigh as he drained the last cup of the clear liquid and fell back heavily on the couch. He hadn't bothered to lit any lamp, thus the living room of his little house in Seoul was draped in darkness. Through the double sliding doors leading outside, he could see the night sky, yet the stars were merely a blur; he'd drank a lot and his head was spinning and heavy, just like the rest of his body. He didn't care. Right here, right now, he couldn't give a fuck about anything. His highly inebriated state didn't help ward off the spirits that haunted him in this time of year either. His emotions were riding a damn rollercoaster and he'd burst out laughing one moment and cry the next. But it was all aimed at himself; laughing about his own stupidity, crying about the pain he couldn't push away.

    His phone vibrated a few times that evening but, after lazily looking at the sender, he'd thrown the damn phone somewhere in a dark corner of the room. His handler, asking for his services again. Katsuro had never refused any assignments but there was a first for everything, wasn't it? Beside, going out as he was now would be mere stupidity. He rubbed a shaky hand to his face and felt the roughness of a two days old stubble; he probably looked like shit. Sleep was tugging at his brain, his eyelids heavy and the whispers poking at his mind. He just wanted to forget... forget him...

    Dylon. How bright and fiery! He'd been mesmerizing. With him, Katsuro had indulged in selfish pleasures that turned to bad habits. But like a moth to the flame, he got too close and paid the price. Dylon had consumed him, possessed him, yet he'd never realized it until someone else appeared in his life. And Katsuro had been torn in two. One was burning passion and lust while the other offered a soothing embrace, like a cup of fresh water to his parched and burning heart. In the end, loyalty had decided for him and Katsuro pushed one away and walked back into the inferno.

    But his eyes had been opened and he kept looking back at the decision he had made. It was too late to turn around but maybe he could escape from the flame, avoid the fate of the moth... He'd told Dylon it was over. Put all the blame on himself, apologized until he was out of words. And now he was alone again, cold and empty inside, blaming himself for the pain he had caused and for that expensive bottle of sake he emptied all by himself.

    Sleep won the battle and covered him like a blanket, while the spirits and ghosts drew nearer, ready to feast on his fears and nightmares. He'd wake up often that night, shivering and confused, and more often than not running for the bathroom. In the end, he simply laid there on the cold ceramic floor until the first rays of dawn... and the worse hangover of his life. Even his splitting headache was no match for the aching in his heart. Despite it all, he rumaged through the living room for his phone and went out, walking the streets of Seoul aimlessly. When the rain came, he didn't seek shelter but only sat down by the side of the road, a part of him hoping the water would purify him in any way. As he sat there, drenched and shivering, he pulled his cell phone from a breast pocket and sent out a single text message.

    @TeddyLareaux: Can you ever forgive me?

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