Bloody Beginnings

  1. Molly Dufrene
    Bloody Beginnings

    She wasn't sure where she was. The room was how she probably would have imagined an interrogation room, featureless, empty walls, save for the pane of tinted glass on one side, with a door to the side of it. However, the girl's thoughts were of a time and place far removed from here.


    She had awoken to the taste of copper, and the pain of rope biting into her arms. Focusing her vision, she could see the woods around her, the darkness pushed back by a bonfire of eerie green flames. Around the fire, the things that had come for them in the cabin. Cloathed in human skin, but the eyes betrayed their otherwordliness, soulless pits of inky blackness. Next to her was Amber, bound as well, and seeing the state they were in, tears began to blur her sight, but she could hear Amber's voice.
    "It's going to be all right."
    Movement caught the edge of her perception, a movement she knew only too well. It had been stalking them for days now, since they had summoned it. The cabin was supposed to ward it away, until they could figure out how to get rid of it, but they had not counted on the human skinned things. She could never get a focus on that elusive phantom, but she could feel it behind her. It's dark whispers in a tongue man had never uttered grew close, and then she felt it's talons on her neck. Then there was pain, and she was laying in blood and dirt, unable to breathe.


    She numbly looked down, her sweater still caked in blood. No, not just blood, her own blood. Touching her neck, it was completely unharmed. It was all so overwhelming, the memories, this room, the blood, it just made her want to scream. No, more than that, she could feel a surge, like it must feel like to be struck by lightning, or maybe to be lightning. Her vision became bright, hot white and she felt the sensation of floating for just a moment. Then her vision returned to the featureless room, now scorched around her. Her hands glowed with a blue light and she recoiled instictively, the energy disappearing as she did.
    "How?" she croaked and she knew that it was because of that bug, somehow.


    She remembered, as her vision faded, the phantom's ethereal presence had moved to Amber. She saw as Amber's heart was taken from her chest and blood ran down her body. She remembered feeling something crawling on her face, into her dry, voiceless mouth. She remembered with the last of her strength reaching out, and then the blue fire consuming the phantom, the clearing, everything. Then there was nothing but darkness.


    The door opened, and an impeccably dressed gentleman entered. He glanced at the corner she was in, noting the scorch marks, but he seemed completely unphased by then.
    "Miss Dufrene, my name is Richard Sonnac. I think we should talk."
    "All my friends are dead, aren't they?" She sobbed slightly as she looked up towards the man
    "I am afraid so. You and your friends played with magic beyond your abilities. You would be dead too if Gaia had not chosen you."
    "I don't understand."
    "You've gone through a remarkable change, and we here can help you through it, and with us you can truly make a difference in these dark days ahead. You can of course choose to leave, and you'll never see me or my associates again. But know that your emerging powers will attract plenty of attention, and not everyone will be as, hm, accomdating as we are. Truthfully, I suspect you would last less than a week on your own. The choice, is of course, entirely up to you. I trust you will make the right decision."

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