Home is... (Warm Fuzzies)

That turning point when your home really becomes 'home'.
By Kuro-Hebi · Oct 16, 2016 · Updated Oct 23, 2016 ·
  1. Kuro-Hebi
    2016.10.16 - Home is... (Warm Fuzzies)
    Write about a memory that makes your character smile/laugh whenever they think about it.

    Theodore Lareaux stepped up to the door of one of those traditional house in the Bukchon Hanok Village in the heart of Seoul, balancing two large duffel bags over each shoulder and a smaller bag against his hip. Another satchel was under his arm and, despite it all, he managed to knock on the door without dropping everything. When the door opened, he was greeted by an amused snort coming from an Asian man at least a head shorter than him - granted the black man was towering over everything with his 6'4.

    "You know you could have asked for help, Come on, give me a few of those." The Asian man - Katsuro - replied as he grabbed a few bags and stepped away from the entrance. Unusually heavy, he left them near the wall leading to the kitchen.

    "I managed to bring it down to the essential." Theodore exclaimed, though, knowing the man, Katsuro was sure those were filled with guns and other nonsense.

    "Just the essential? How often do those things break if you need so many? I hope the trunk at the foot of the bed will be big enough to store most of that. If you still need more space, we can hide another trunk behind the decorative screen in the living room." Katsuro half sighed. Yet this was merely a facade, for he was truly happy to have the man here with him.

    "I can disassemble most of them so they should fit... I like having them around... you know for emergencies. Certain operations require different stuff," Theodore replied, eyeing Katsuro's sword on its stand in the living room. "Well for me anyways," he shrugged, setting the smaller bag down "Can I put my clothes in the wardrobe?"

    Katsuro led him to the bedroom, pointing at the big wardrobe on the wall and the other furniture that were empty and only waiting to be appropriated. He sat on the bed as the other man began putting his guns away very neatly - though he was less thoughtful with his clothes, shoving them away and out of sight rather quickly.

    "I uh.. forgot to mention the shower here is well... a Korean shower? Same as Japanese ones really, without the bathtub sadly. I miss those. So I hope it's alright. I know not everyone likes them." Katsuro finally confess. Theodore took a peak in the small bathroom and simply nodded.

    "Beats a garden hose, or a camp shower; the pumps on those are terrible." The big man then walked to Katsuro and sat on the bed next to him. "Best of all, I'm with you." He added, running his fingers through the Asian man's thick mess of black hair. They talked of simple things, what Theodore would like to have in here (a TV for instance), but truth be told, Katsuro couldn't remember it all. His proximity, his hand in his hair and that warmth in his chest; that's all that mattered. He did remember the tall man knocking his head on the low doorframe when getting out of the bedroom - that was quite funny, though by now, Theodore had learned to duck. Those ancestral homes had not been made for a tall American man after all.

    After showing Theodore around - which didn't take long, the place was rather small - they ended up in front of the sliding doors leading outside. Through the glass they could see the small garden and the two adjacent houses, one a guest house that was empty most of the year but at the tourist season, and the other belonging to a sweet old lady that was apparently very used to things of the Secret World, though she would never tell her story. Katsuro respected that and simply enjoyed her company when he had time to meditate in the garden. Theodore had wrapped his muscular arms around the small Asian man. Shô, Katsuro's ghost cat, ended up purring around Theodore's ankles. That was a good sign that the man was welcomed here.

    Katsuro couldn't remember how long they stayed like that, talking of ordinary life. It was a welcomed change from his usual busy life dealing with the supernatural. He felt safe from the world in Theodore's embrace. It had definitely took him by surprise when the big man had crouched down to sling him over his shoulder.

    "How about we visit the bedroom again?" He offered with a grin. To which he was rewarded by Katsuro's laughter.

    "You better not knock me on the door frame. ... I feel like some kind of Neanderthal ... " Which only made him laugh even more.

    Well, the rest is up to the imagination. Thinking back on that day, Katsuro can't help but smile. The day Theodore moved in with him. Their little house in Seoul, nested in the Dragon's Coils, has become so much more than simply a place to sleep before the next day of work. The meals they shared, the movies they watched curled up in each other's arms, that little garden that they now take care of together. The little bathroom got renovated by Katsuro's request and now features a deep Japanese bath in which they can lazily end a hard day of work. It's become a proper 'home' because really....

    Home is where the heart is.

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