Please Insert Coins

By Molly Dufrene · Jun 7, 2017 ·
  1. Molly Dufrene
    ((I kinda cheated a bit on this one, but it's a hard prompt for immortals. Also, it gets a bit dark at the end, so you know, fair warning. ))

    Please Insert Coins

    It wasn't the heat that was excruciating, it was the dryness. Molly hated the desert when she first had left into the bleak sands from Al-Merayah, and she still hated it now several hours into the trip. Still, a Templar contact had been murdered by the cultists because of some information he had dug up from what was left behind by Orochi in the area, and all she knew was that a set of map coordinates in the desert was connected to all this, so into the desert it was.

    "You know what would be great, an oasis or sumthin." She grumbled but no oasis was forthcoming. Rather, ahead of her, out of the desert haze, stood worn columns from now dead civilizations, jutting out of the ground like half buried bones of some great beast. Molly sighed, but figured that maybe some shade could be found from the relentless sun.

    She nearly missed the shifting of ground underneath her feet. "Shit!!" she screamed as she dived to the side, narrowly being missed by the giant pincers that burst into the space she had occupied moments before. The pincers, predictably, were attached to a rather large, black scorpion. Large enough that she could ride it like a horse probably.

    Wait, why would I want to do that?

    Her idle thoughts were cut short, because of the giant scorpion barreling down at her. She focused her anima, sending a streaking crimson spike at the beast, but it hardly seemed fazed as it spat a greenish liquit at her. Molly backpedaled clumsily to avoid it, the liquid hitting the ground sizziling.

    Pushing her anima further, she recited a quick incantation to help focus the anima, and the creature slowed as it's internal fluids reacted to the magic. It clicked angrily at Molly, and she knew it was weakened, ready for the final strike. With an outstretched hand, lightning flashed as the scorpion's tail struck.

    The smell of ozone and burnt scorpion filled the air, and Molly's shoulder was struck with an intense pain. She looked down to see the dead scorpions stinger had pierced it's mark, blood starting to drip down her body. However, she was more worried about the black fluid mixed into the wound, causing her arm to start to shake.

    She tried to focus and heal with her anima as she had been taught, but it was just so dry and hot. She stumbled to one of the pillars, falling down just as she reached it. Her whole body was shaking and everything was getting dark and breathing seemed like too much work.

    I'm dying. Oh god. Oh god, please just let me die, don't let them take me back, I don't want this anymore, please make the pain go away, please let me die.

    But then her thoughts were drowned out by the sound of buzzing and the soothing golden light.

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