SFW Slipstreams and You

By Big-Timber · May 4, 2017 ·
  1. Big-Timber
    I use the term slipstream to describe the act and noun of "Pulling an Object through X Dimension from Point A to Point B." For example, when I first came to Ealdwic I had no method of transportation aside from my motorcycle, so I had a thought. "If I could pull my furniture from Saskatchewan through Hell to Ealdwic, then why not a car?" So I did some intense preparation, full moon, midnight, anima prepartions etc. And I did it, I ripped my 1994 Jeep Cherokee through Hell into the countryside. As I was driving home I had to stop by the side of the road several time to throw up. Suffice to say, pulling massive objects through slipstreams is bad. I was bed ridden for days. But small objects is A OK!

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