SFW That Night In The Horned God

By Big-Timber · Apr 24, 2017 ·
  1. Big-Timber
    It was a dark and warm eve, the doors to The Horned God were open. Enter Stefan, the tall, hairy and muscular Half-Faun, he strided up to the bar and orders his favorite drink, a pint of maple whiskey. He sat at the bar, drinking away, the drink soothing him. Enter Caomhan, the new bee, young and handsome, hair of ginger and clothes of black. They talk, they dance, a whisper here, a whisper there, the night passes along. A day passes and they meet again, more talking, more dancing, a break from dancing, shirts removed, a heated passionate kiss. They return, they leave, a day passes. They now court, a while after they live together, love blossoms as all around them falls apart. Not even the apocalypse can shatter them. Maybe...


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