The Death and Life of Molly Dufrene

  1. Molly Dufrene



    The door creaked open, allowing Molly to see the depressing apartment within, her apartment. Sparsely furnished, it had never really become a home for her, just a place to stay at times when not being thrown into the field. After all, home was a place you wanted to go back to, and there was nothing like that here for her.

    Well, except for the legion of small shems that almost seemingly appeared out of nowhere to mob around her feet. It brought a slight smile to her face, she really was fond of the little guys.

    “Hey, hey, I’m back now. Don’t have to get so excited every time.” The little creatures of clay, metals and stone didn’t really understand her, and continued to stumble around her. She could almost swear they were trying to dance or something.

    Stepping over them she made her way into the apartment and over to a small desk, the only part of the apartment that seemed overly used. On the desk was a somewhat outdated laptop and a number of notes, maps, and books. She sighed as she gathered up a number of them and tossed them away. Then she collapsed into the chair and laid her head down on the desk.

    “Another waste of time.” She whispered to herself. All her research and investigations into the book had led nowhere. It hadn’t started out bad. The book had been in the possession of Temple Hall when they had found her. Checking various records showed that it had been scheduled to be destroyed by the Council of Venice, but no record of it’s destruction existed. Somehow, it had gotten out.

    She had checked potential people who could have taken the book, but all those leads ended up being dead ends, quite literally. The Council agents tasked with the book had all passed away, some on assignment, and some by what seemed to be natural causes. She had tried to look into occult dealers, but nothing had come up on it yet.

    She felt a tug on her leg, and looked down to see Orm, one of the shems, hugging her leg. The others seemed like they were trying to pick up the strewn about papers, although their clumsiness meant they were mostly just strewing the papers around more. She patted Orm on his golden head. She wondered if they could somehow sense her emotions, maybe because she created them? Could they tell that she barely slept anymore?

    She turned back to the desk and turned on the computer, hoping maybe that a lead would miraculously appear from the aether. Instead, there were more messages from the therapist at Temple Hall. She was worried about how Molly was taking the whole dead body thing, and wanted to schedule a meeting.

    Of course, there was no time for that. Molly could feel that the book was out there, it’s malevolent presence just waiting to cause more damage. It had to be stopped. Maybe once it was gone the nightmares would end.

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