The Death and Life of Molly Dufrene

  1. Molly Dufrene

    The Buzzing

    Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

    TRANSMIT - initiate the beyond signal - RECEIVE - initiate cursed cadence - IT IS THE DEATH THAT IS LIFE - the day the music died - BE WARY OF THROWING STONES - when the weak court death they find it - WITNESS - the Death and Life of Molly Dufrene

    I’m going to tell you a story sweetling. It begins with the end of a life. It ends with the beginning of a life. It climaxes with a death. Spoilers!

    She seeks a book, but it is not a book. It is a house, but it is not a house. It is knowledge that devours you. It is all these things and none of these things. It has been called θάνατος λοιμός πέρα Codex, the Keph-Ihughua, The Mad Poet’s scrolls, the revenant’s knife, and the Glass House. These are not it’s names however. It is beyond names, time and space, yet it desires these things. Not to be is a terrible fate.

    She will find it, or it will find her. The book will burn. Time will fall. She will clip her wings, we can still hear the silent screaming. She will die. She will enter the Glass House.

    WARNING: The 4th dimension is twisted here, reflected over and over. Applying dynamic filter. After all, what is time to us?

    She will see what could have been. What never was. It wants her whole again. Another foothold into the real. Will she be clever enough to see the truth? Your minds are not meant to see such sights.

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