The Lazarus Chain

Bringing a new generation into the illuminati fold.
  1. Maya Embertree
    The world within the Embertree family revolved around strict schedules and routines. "Maya, your father has requested you to join him within the study." The soft voice of her assistant disrupting her cardio workout "Kathleen, how many times have I told you that during my workouts I'm not to be disturbed." The woman's face seemed sullen " I know but your father sent an escort for you." Walking in behind Kathleen the petite figure with jet black hair and a look of bored determination on her face. Wearing a black designer pantsuit the woman stared to Maya "thank you Kathleen, you're dismissed." Without a sound Kathleen quickly turned and left the room. "Lets go, we have a schedule to keep." Dismissing the other with a wave of her hand Maya went back to her training.

    "It frightened you, didn't it." Maya continued as she responded "I guess my father told you what happened then, typical. Yeah it scared me. Scared Kathleen as well when I broke two of her ribs. Felt so much power and to see her face scared the crap out of me."

    "There isn't anything to fear but do realize that your life is now forever changed." moving closer to Maya, the other woman lifted her hand "Your first lesson is to pay attention." Maya felt her legs stiffen, her heart raced as she was forced by some unseen force to stop what she was doing and to turn and face the other woman. "What the hell?" With a slight twist of her fingers Maya dropped to her knees "Now that I have your attention, my name is Zoe Yamada and from this moment on you belong to me. You will train like you've never before and when I say, you will be ready. Now, father has some words to say so let's go."

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