SFW The Temple of Ereshkigal

By Big-Timber · Apr 20, 2017 ·
  1. Big-Timber
    To the Council of Venice :

    The Mesopotamian Goddess of the Underworld is known as Erishkigal, we discovered a minor temple to her last week, it was a large area of twisting corridors and vault like rooms, deep under the desert. Rooms upon rooms of bones and other humans bits, wall engraved in cuneiform. We even found remnants of supernatural creatures. In the heart of this labyrinthine temple we found a pedestal made of obsidian, imported from far away. On this pedestal sat an old and decrepid skull, engraved in cuneiform, mostly of a nonsensical array of words...what was strange about this skull though is when we scryed over it to determine who it belonged to we learned that the owner was possibly one point a bee, now bees being immortal makes this odd. Was the skull removed from the bee-stung human and then engraved and put here? We do not know, but this artefact bodes ill. When we brought it back to camp strange things happened, flickering shadows, whispers on the wind. Ocassionaly the fellow archaeologists would shout "shaytan!" as if they had seen a demon. This continued for several days until we deciphered more of the cuneiform writings in the central chamber. It seems as if this bee-stung was sacrificed and ritualised to protect against the minions of Ereshkigal. With my assitance and of Fareed, thank goodness he's also a bee, we managed to strengthen the wards the skull had on them. We then proceeded to place it on the pedestal and seal off the temple for good.

    Stefan Dalca~

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