Tipping Point

  1. Molly Dufrene
    The sound of buzzing insects. That was the last thing Molly remembered, and now she was laying in grass and flowers. The feeling of anima permeated the area. An anima well. That means...

    "Shit. I died." Molly mumbles. She remembers now. She had come out of the portal from the weird tree dimension. Agartha, that's what it was called. Mr. Sonnac had sent her there to come here, to a place called Kingsmouth, Solomon Island. After getting here, she ran run into a, well, a zombie. And she had froze.

    The portal to Agartha was right there. She could just leave. I mean what were they expecting from her? She had never been in a fight in her life, and now they wanted her to be some sort of soldier against a coming darkness. It was crazy.

    But where would she go? She couldn't return to London empty handed, and she couldn't go back to her old life, that was gone now. The cowboy had said there was survivors, maybe she could get to them.


    The survivors had holed up in the police station, behind makeshift barriers and a load of guns. Getting there had been easier than her first foray had indicated, undisturbed the zombies were fairly inattentive, only attacking when their attention was caught. Molly had met some of the survivors, and now was thinking to herself on what to do next when alarms started going off.

    "Zombies are attacking the north gate!" She heard over a loudspeaker as some of the surviving police officers ran past, armed and ready. It felt like her heart skipped a beat. She knew that she should do something, but she was afraid.

    Why? Why was she afraid? She knew that she couldn't die, at least not permanently. Sure, it was painful, but she would get better. They wouldn't. They would die, and then they would be gone. Just like Amber.

    It was that thought that pushed her muscles into action. She was still terrified, but the memories of Amber's death, the guilt, she couldn't bear to see that again. Then she was there, zombies battering themselves against the defenses, as the survivors desperately fired into them in an attempt to force them back.

    She took a deep breath as she focused on the anima within her. It felt odd without a circle of others as she was used to, but at the same time she could feel that now, with the bee, with that power, she didn't need the help. Not anymore.

    Crimson energy poured from Molly, striking the first zombie and arcing into the others, eating away at them and imbuing her power into them. They didn't fall, not yet. However, Molly wasn't done. She focused her blood magic at one, turning it's own animating forces against it, tearing at it's corporeal form. It broke, and her the power she had struck it with exploded outward.

    Hesitating for a moment at what she had done, far beyond anything before, that she left herself open to a surviving zombie. It charged forward, knocking her to the ground. Instinctively she conjured a shield to blunt it's assault, and with that reprieve she fired a crimson spike into the zombie's head, ending it.

    She got up, a numbness washing over her. She had done it, and it had felt so, easy. One of the survivors approached her.

    "I'm not sure what exactly that, you know, how you did that. But thank you for your help." Molly just gave a nod in response. She wondered how she could have changed so much since before. Was she even the same person she thought she was?

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