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List of all social groups at The Lower World.

Most Members

  1. OPERATION: La Chasse Commence
    34 members, 2.9K views.
  2. OPERATION: Falling Angels
    32 members, 1.4K views.
  3. OPERATION: Hidden Dragon
    23 members, 3.1K views.
  4. The War of Lilacs
    19 members, 3K views.
    19 members, 2.8K views.

Recent Threads

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  5. Portland House of Light

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A quiet town where nothing ever happens. Can you survive one week there?
It is the early days of spring, and dark plots are blooming.
This is a one-shot, 4-hour, 4-person FATE Core mission set in Requine's Metaplot.
A series of hidden tunnels have been found under the Canadian city of Toronto

public Castle Keep

Mr. Venator and Ms. Arbuthnot are called upon for a mission. Not optional.
There's a Templar themed strip club hidden at the end of an alley in Darkside.

public Blood Ties

With the oncoming birth of their child, Zoe's mental state has reached a point that has been broken.