Welcome to The Lower World's lore wiki!

Here you will find an assortment of information and resources — both official game lore and player-created lore — that'll help in your roleplay. You'll find the main navigation in the section below ("Wiki Areas").

Official Lore contains information obtained from official Secret World sources, such as dev streams, Funcom owned character accounts, and the game itself. Here, you'll find information about factions, notable characters, locations, and anything else you might want to know about the Secret World.

Player Lore is the place for anything and everything player-made. Here, you can describe in as much detail as you'd like the organizations, characters, species, myths, and whatever else you've thought up. Go wild!

If you'd like an area for your player lore, click the button below! Please specify what you'd like the area to be called, and what icon we should use, if any.


Please be considerate when going through and contributing your additions and be polite if making edits to previously entered entries.

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