Dragon Ami "Tororo" Murasaki

  • Name:
    Ami "Tororo" Murasaki
    5' 4"
    115 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Red (contacts)
    Irvine, CA
    Ami has a middling hight and willowy build. She has creamy, pale skin that she protects from the sun to add to her particular look. Often dressed in gothic lolita dresses or severe Orochi power suits, she only wears dark colors with a pop of red. She wears red contacts as an accessory to her look, which she feels is complemented by her blunt cut black bangs. Ami is aware of her beauty but treats it like a tool, one must keep a blade sharp ... and so she is exacting in her looks.
    Ami is philosophical about life and her place in Dragon heirarchy. She often has an unreadable expression due to her training, but she loves to laugh when no one is looking. She loves numbers and truly enjoys her work. Ami believes in what she was raised and trained to, knowing that life was preordained and there is only so much "choice." She chooses to enjoy and embrace what comes her way.
  • History:
    Ami comes from a long line of Dragon. The Murasaki's have been involved in crunching the numbers in Dragon plots for many generations. However, Ami is a modern Japanese-American girl, having been born into a branch that was sent to the Americas because the models said so. She knows her fate lies in the models but will "rebel" in her own small ways like fashion.
  • Abilities:
    Though not particularly magical, Ami has some abilities with chaos, the manipulation of anima and qi. She is known for being ruthless in business and an ice queen in negotiations. Ami has made grown men cry from cutting looks and remarks.
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