Templar Beatrix "BusyBea" Honeycutt

  • Name:
    Beatrix "BusyBea" Honeycutt
    6' 0"
    none of your damn business
    Hair Color:
    Fiery Red
    Eye Color:
    Bea is statuesque with long lean muscle that hugs all 6' 0" of her. While athleticly built, it is her foot tall bright red mohawk that people notice first. She wears it back in a tail when working, but enjoys the dramatics of being 7 feet tall the rest of the time. Bea has a few facial scars and holes in her head from piercings when she was more punk and less employed. Her blue eyes are warm and intelligent, but her cheerful smile and husky laugh draw quite a lot of attention when one doesn't notice the hair.
    Bea is cheerful and outgoing. She gets along well with most people, which helps in her line of work as a medic. Her laugh inspires others to join in. However, she is hard and unwavering in what she believes is right and wrong. It helps guide her moral compass in the world of Templar, but limits her connection to the punk scene and her nihilistic past.
  • Biography:
    Ask her, she loves talking about home and her wild past. At one point she lived a truly punk rock lifestyle on the streets of London, but has settled down and enjoys helping others.
  • Abilities:
    Keeps a cool head in crisis, alwasy runs towards the sounds of gunfire and screaming, can always stop the bleeding and has an odd sense of when something dangeous is gonna happen. However, she's 100% non-magical so its all gut intuition and a superior understanding of people that appear to be precognition.
    Bea always carries a simple med-pack that often looks like a large yellow purse. She keeps a go-bag by the door of wherever she lives.
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