Templar Kyle "Kle" Hudson

  • Name:
    Kyle Hudson
    5" 8
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Kyle has short spiky hair and a has been known to dye it in the past. Generally he leaves it his natural brown. His most noticeable features are his tattoos which he has covering his back, arms and neck. Each one has a significant meaning to him and he will not be drawn on which one is his favourite.

    Kyle has a very flirty personality. He can also be quite playful. Sometimes he can come across as careless and forgetful but when he sets his mind to something he sees it through to the end, for better or worse. When it comes to his husband, James Hemsworth, he will stop at nothing to make sure that he does the best by him, from protecting him from danger to making sure he is always happy.
    Kyle works for Sanctuary as a member of the board but he is still officially a Templar. He is generally not welcomed on the board becuase he tries to put across the views of the agents not the agency.
  • Biography:
    Kyle is best known for his role in Sanctuary as a member of the board. He acquired the role as part of an undercover operation to reveal a mole on the board. He is also known for appearing at gigs and removing his clothing without any motivation.

    He lives for his husband and daughter and will do anything to make sure they are safe, no matter what lines he has to cross. They always come first.
    Kyle's parents were star crossed lovers with his father as an Illuminati and his mother as a Phoenician. They are currently missing presumed dead. As a result Kyle has always been monitored by the factions (although from a distance). He found himself in love with his now husband while he was living in a hostel at the age of 18. Unfortunately they intervened and he decided to leave to make sure James was safe.

    Kyle joined a gang shortly after and attacked a man known as AngryKermit. The attack was so violent that the man ended up in a coma and if it hadn't been for the fact that the man's parents chose not to press charges (due to the fact that he was himself in a gang), Kyle would have have received a severe sentence.

    Kyle was killed by the use of Anima Suppressant bullets at his wedding party. There was a considerable disagreement about who should take control of the body. However the agreements became moot when his body went missing and he was found restored with no memories of the event. Although there have been no significant changes to his physical being, it has been noted that when he gets emotional he tends to display an excess of blue anima which in extreme cases manifests itself as wings.

    Kyle also has a daughter, Felicia, with his ex-fiance Sophia Rose. While Felicia generally stays with Sophia she usually stays with Kyle and James at least once a week.
    The Buzzing:
    Witness The Anima Imbued Angel.
    He was always bound for this sweetling.
    Wings of an Angel, the mind of a Devil.
    Death is not all it's made up to be.
    Initiate Repair Sequence.
    Even we struggled to restore this one.
    So Who did sweetling?
    We know, do you?
    Observe The Lovers Protocol.
    His heart belongs to another.
    They are two parts of a whole.
    The other forced himself on us.
    Witness The power of love.
  • Abilities:
    Kyle is best with melee weapons however he has expanded his skills to cover magic and guns. His preferred approach to combat is very much hands on and he values his sword and chaos skills to cause the biggest impact. He's most useful up front causing the enemies to pay attention to him while his team take them out from a distance.
    Kyle generally doesn't have a special weapon except in the case of his sword. It was gift from James and Kyle tries to find a way to use it in all his combat. He doesn't go anywhere without it.
  • RP Hooks:
    The best way to engage Kyle is either as a new Agent at Sanctuary (they are an agency who simply provide additional training to agents and are accredited by the CoV).

    Casually he can often be found at gigs where he has a tendency to strip at the drop of a hat.

    He is also very active on Twitter.


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