Unaffiliated Laurie 'Fox' Nevare

  • Name:
    Laurie 'Fox' Nevare
    173 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Rochester, NY
    Fox got his nickname from both his look - dyed golden blonde hair and golden eyes, reminescent of a fox - but also some traits of his personality. He's the charming type, always well shaven - he visibly takes care of his appearance - with a lean and well toned body, a strong, square jaw and a distinctive hawk nose. Add to this his bronze skin and you got a winning combination for a magazine cover.
    Birth: Oct. 6th 1983 (Libra)
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Indo american
    Profession: Programmer / Hacker
    Blood type: O-

    Fox is more often than not in good spirits, with a smile on his lips. He's a clever man and adapts to most situations rapidly. He's someone who aims to keep in control of both his emotions as well as his actions, even if not always succesfull; he is a rather emotional person in the first place, mostly relying on his instincts. He doesn't give his trust easily either but, to those who earned it, he'll go to great sacrifices to protect them.
  • Biography:
    Fox was born in Rochester, New York, his Indian traits attributed to his father, with his mother being of african-american ancestry. He had a happy childhood, loved martial arts and seemed to have all the making of a computer genius as well. Thus from college to university, he decided to specialize in programming - and hacking - with a side dish of martial art classes in between all this. Needless to say, he had a very busy schedule. His mother was a teacher in high school thus she was always present in his life, until the car accident... Not of her doing but the unlucky victim of drunk driving. Fox was 15 years old and the tragegy hit him very hard. He'll be victim of violence and sexual abuse by some classmates, which will leave deep emotional scars that would never completely heal. On top of this, he'll have to learn to become independent rapidly - cooking his own meals, doing groceries and laundry- because of his rather absent father, an FBI agent quite often on the road and mostly burying his grief in work. He'll die in the line of duties 3 years later, leaving Fox alone at barely 18 years old.

    If not for his childhood friend Nathaniel and his family, he'd probably have crumble at that point. But, with their support, he managed to go on with his studies all the way to the University of Rochester where he actually met that special someone we all yearn for. Thanos Caius was an exchange student from the prestigious University of Oxford, England, and was studying to become a doctor. Fate would that he also had a passion for martial arts and ended up joining the same dojo as Fox, most likely for its proximity to the University's campus. Thanos, with his patience and caring, would manage to get close enough to Fox, winning his trust and repairing his messed up heart. Needless to say, they spent that year together as much as they could until Thanos had to go back to England to finish his studies.

    Thanos obtained a working visa once his doctorate was acquired and he came back to North America to live with Fox in Rochester. Five years later, he was given United-States citizenship and had a very well-paid position as doctor and surgeon. Fox had also finished his studies and found employment at a private intelligence agency. They were also first in line to get married when the state of New York legalized same sex marriage. Really, life was good, until that fateful day in 2013...
  • Abilities:
    Anima sensitivity
    Prior becoming a Bee, Fox was always very receptive to any change in the Anima around him. Not knowing what he was really feeling, or what it was, he and his martial teachers simply refered to it as Qi energy. Through martial arts, he learned to control it, and it helped him and his husband tremendously when they were chosen by Gaia. Now that he knows better, Fox has mastered the use of Anima and is one of those who can heal extremely fast. He can also transfer his Anima to others and he's quite resilient to Filth corruption.
    Fox carries nothing in terms of foci or weapon; his mastery over Anima and his skills in martial arts is all he needs. But he's also a hacker and programmer and, as such, he never leaves home without his other kind of 'weapon' namely his trusted laptop Samael - which by the way was a shock when he heard about the 'other' Samael from Orochi.
  • RP Hooks:
    RP Connections - How your character may know him:

    - If your character has lived in Rochester, NY: Fox has born and lived there all his life. He moved a bit when he was a boy. First when his mother died, he and his father sold the house and they moved to an apartment. And then after his father's death, he moved into a student apartment on campus. And finally, with Thanos, they now own a spacious condominium on East Ave. (130 East Ave #450, Rochester NY, 14604) So your character could be a neighbor, a childhood friend, a friend of the family, a family member (cousin, etc)

    - If your character attended Brighton Central School: Fox attended this school for many years and had classmates and friends.

    - If your character attended the University of Rochester: Fox studied computers and programming there. He was also living on campus in a student apartment. You could be a classmat, a roomate or even a teacher.

    - If your character has worked for Booz Allen Hamilton compan: It's an American management consulting firm, Fox worked for them for 5 years approx. (2008-2013)

    - If your character attended martial arts classes in Rochester, NY: Fox always had a passion for martial arts even as a kid. He attended karate classes as a boy and then tried different schools as he grew up and he had to move because of his family. He met Thanos at the Aikido Kokikai Rochester Dojo around 2003-2004 and he'll stay there until Thanos return from England in 2006, at which point they'll both take classes at the Agape Black Belt center from 2006 to 2013).

    - Your character knew Fox's father. He was an FBI field agent.

    - Your character knew Fox's mother. She was a teacher at Cobblestone elementary school, Rochester NY

    - Any other connections: Could be a random encounter / friendship.
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