NPC Mariko "Lady-Tsubaki" Hannya

  • Name:
    Mariko "Lady-Tsubaki" Hannya
    107 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Edo, Japan
    Mariko seems ageless - and maybe she is - as her porcelain complexion and perfect visage seems to radiate some otherworldly beauty. She usually wears makeup to accentuate her almond-shaped eyes, which are as red as ashoka flowers, and petite mouth. She keeps her long silky black hair tied in an elegant bun, usually adorned with a floral kanzashi or elaborate hair pins. She's not very tall - following Japanese standards - slim with a small bust, though it removes nothing from her grace and charms. She's often wearing a kimono or chinese hanfu, or very feminine clothings. Anyone close enough can also smell the sweet fragrance of Jasmine.
    Mariko has been trained in the way of the courtesan many decades - if not centuries - ago and it has become part of who she is. Always polite and pleasant, yet never obtrusive. She has a soft, singing voice and never seem to lose her cool. Even if forced to battle - because she does know the art of war - she seems to keep afloat of the turmoil, her stance elegant and swift and her expression revealing nothing but grace and calm, if not for her eerily red eyes that brings to mind the fires of Hell.
    OOC note
    Mariko is meant to be a npc. You may see her wandering around once in a while but, if you see her in the field, assume I'm just lving her for fun. If you need her for her skills or services, and need her to be played or for a Gdoc RP, just poke me and we'll arrange something (may depends on timezones and all but I'll do my best!) If you want to just mention her or even use her establishment The Camellia in rp, feel free to do so. The Camellia doesn't have a fixed address oocly, it's 'somewhere in Takayama' and there is a magical barrier around it making people who pass by just 'not really notice' it's there. (Think Yoko's house in xxxHolic by Clamp) Secret Worlders who are especially looking for it though can see it. You can make up npc working there all you like, the place is rather big.

    It's a high class establishment; there is no 'hookers' there that you pay for a quick thing. Usually clients reserve for a few hours if not a whole night for entertainment of all sorts. It's always done with taste and respect and the courtesans even have the last say if they wish to blacklist a client and not see him/her again. Some courtesans even offer private classes in dance, singing, painting, playing an instrument or even tea or sake degustations. While there is no restaurant there, one can order fine cuisine that is served directly in the courtesan's room.
    Inspirational images of the Camellia can be found here.
  • History:
    The Camellia
    Mariko rarely reveals her past. It is very, very far away and she cares little for it; not to mention it could scare off potential clients. What is known though, is that she's the owner of The Camellia, a pleasure establishment in Takayama, Japan, catering especially to those of the Secret World.

    The Camellia offers services of entertainment to its clients and pride itself in its elegance. One may only wish to come to listen to the beautiful voices of their female and male singers, or see the grace of their dancers. Some even just come to find a sympathetic ear or just good company with a cup of exotic tea or expensive sake. Massages, erotic or not, and relaxing baths are also offered. Obviously, one can also reserve for a moment of pleasure with one of the female or male courtesan. All races and factions are welcome. The Camellia is neutral in the Secret War now ongoing.

    As for her story, I won't reveal it here. At the moment, only Kuro and the leader of the Yokai actually knows it. If you end up roleplaying with her and she trust you with her life, maybe she'll tell you What your character -may- know though, by simple observation or because they have some special talents, is the following. I'll keep it under spoiler but please ask me beforehand if you plan on being aware of any or all of those things.

    - She's half-demon, a Hannyah, which is a type of Japanese demon of jealousy. The mask image in this post is their representation. She can still be redeemed, unlike the Namanari demons, and this is why she can retain her human form. So if your character can sense demons, they can sense what she is. Also valid if you have a character who can see through glamour. Though hers is a very powerful one so I don't expect young wizard fresh out of Innsmouth to be able to see through it.

    - She's not evil... nor is she good. She's on a long path for redemption and she's not killing men out of jealousy anymore. But her past cling to her regardless so one may feel the burden of her crimes. She's still half-demon after all. I'd say for now her aura would be in a somewhat neutral gray and can fluctuate one side or the other depending if she's had a good or bad day

    - She serves the Dragon. And that's a heavily guarded secret. At the moment, she serves as the interim leader of the Yokai until Salesman returns. Since you're not supposed to know about the Yokai, you're also not supposed to know her role within the Dragon. The only reason one may suspect and/or know she serves the Dragon is if your character is a VERY high ranking member. Otherwise, she is never seen in the Dragon's Coil (if she absolutely have to go there she use a glamour and disguise to not be recognized) nor does she frequent places known to be Dragon gathering places. As she can't use Agartha, she may use Hell Portals for traveling but she never does it in public.

    - Despite all the above, her establishment is NEUTRAL. She'll welcome anyone, humans or creatures of all sorts, as long as they don't stir up trouble within The Camellia. She will never work against any faction or individual within her establishment either.
  • Abilities:
    Mariko was taugh in the way of the courtesan. As such, her skills are not merely for battle. Among those:
    - Playing the shamisen
    - Japanese traditional dancing
    - Singing (Japanese Enka)
    - Massages
    - Fluent in at least a dozen languages

    As for her combat skills, most will never see her fight and, if she has to fight, she usually tries to leave no witness...


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