Illuminati Naomi "Noanth" Annalema

  • Name:
    Naomi Annalema / Noanth
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    ?????? ?????
    Short red hair. Sharp eyebrows, piercing blue eyes. Pale skin, toned muscles. Moderately well-endowed, but avoids showing it via frumpy clothes.
    Noanth is the name her biological parents gave her, nonsense in any modern language. Bears a slight resemblance to a name that shows up in documents from Third Age ruins. An MtF transsexual, she doesn't share her birth name when she can help it.

    She originally presented herself as Amy Veeres, using plastic surgery, hair dye and colored contacts to distance herself from her old life. After the events of Orochi Tower, she changed her name once again, and returned to her original appearance, albeit with a more complete, magically-aided sex change.
  • Biography:
    Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.

    TRANSMIT - Initiate Ophanim signal - RECEIVE - Initiate Secret Origins frequency - TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE ILLUMINATI WAY - Initiate the monstrous daughter algorithm - I WORK IN MURDERS AND EXECUTIONS - Initiate the domesticatedsandshark lexicon - I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY - never stop running - WITNESS - Noanth.

    Contradiction. All evidence points to one thing and reality disagrees. There is a girl. She is scared. She is antisocial. She is a killer. She is an agent of the Illuminati and very comfortable in her position. She is a monster, but she is also one of our sweetlings. What is she?


    She was unwanted. It's best not to say to whom she was born. Noanth knows, but she doesn't like to think about it. She was given away, to the Morninglight, the leader of church operations in Pennsylvania, and his wife, head of spiritual accounting. More ominous tasks hidden under plasant titles. Raised with one foot in the Secret World, the other beaten limp. Noanth has terrible luck with mothers. The father inducted her into the Morninglight and fast-tracked her through course upon course, ignoring what she was prepared for or capable of. Ignoring Marquard. Ignoring Marquard is always advised, sweetling.

    Ignoring Marquard's teachings prevented the shivering star frequency from taking hold. The Ace of Ruin stays face down. Noanth was shown too much, too fast. Subjected to horror after horror, there were only two options: Entirely break the girl or destroy her. FNF protocol on standby. As she would so many other times in her life, our heroine chose the third option: Escape.

    A mountain retreat. Running. Begging. Taken in by another occult orgnaization using the mountains outside Tokyo as a retreat, Noanth charts her life as movement from one sun to another. Damage done. Her natural personality is blunted, shaped into something shy, scared, unassuming. Damaged. Gozen always was succeptible to sad stories. The Jingu clan repaired the damage they could, got the girl on her feet, and smuggled her back into the United States. A career. She laughs so as not to cry, and begins satiring the secret horrors she's exposed to in the country's preeminent conspiracy rag. Her jokes missed, they are published as facts by those her pen seeks to cut the deepest.

    Initiate Anima signal.

    Why did we choose who we choose? The answer always changes. Free of the Morninglight's tentacles, instructed in how to resemble a human by the Jingu Clan, the foundation for an occult agent was in place. Spreadsheets of moral calculus. There are many sweetlings with a cruel streak deeper than Noanth's. Some of their lips taste our honey. With guidance, with Gaia's promise that she always loved her best, Noanth could be turned into a force for good. We gambled. The roulette wheel span. We saw the outcome, and left the table. Better fit in the Blue spectrum, an outlet for her natural inclinations towards the darker parts of humanity. Her position in the Eye and Pyramid rose, but even as she assassinated and bribed and tortured, she fought for Gaia, pushed back the Filth, brought her wrath to bear on the Morninglight.

    Scan complete. No contradiction found. Perspective puts the puzzle together for you, sweetling. She is dangerous. She is a monster. She is on your side.
    12 July, 1990 - Born to [REDACTED] and Maxwell Garrett
    13 July, 1990 - Given up for adoption to Peter and Susan Gaskill
    8 September, 2010 - Transferred out of Morninglight Level 200 program to Fear Nothing Foundation in Tokyo.
    30 October, 2010 - Escaped Morninglight custody
    1 January 2011 - Smuggled back into America under the name Amy Veeres through Omikami Shipping, a freight company tied to the Jingu clan
    19 June 2012 - Swallowed a Bee, recruited by the Illuminati. Obtained a new face to disguise her identity when dealing with Morninglight
    21 June 2012 - Deployed to Solomon Island
    30 June 2012 - Deployed to Egypt
    12 July 2012 - Turned 22 years old. Deployed to Transylvania
    1 August 2012 - Transferred from field division to special investigations department
    7 January 2013 - Awarded title "Hero of Ages" for instrumental role in preventing the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012
    7 November 2013 - Recognized as a licensed Occult Agent by Council of Venice
    6 June 2014 - Re-assigned field division, deployed to Kaidan.
    6 May 2015 - Transferred to free agent status after events in Orochi tower. Changed identity again.
  • Abilities:
    Celestial Ophanim - Flight, bursts of healing or harmful divine light. Requires Animus Charge to use, which quickly exhausts her.
    Elemental magic - Anima-powered elemental magic. Favors lightning.
    Swordswoman - Accomplished swordswoman, training as a mortal augmented by Anima power.
    Dual Pistols - Anima-powered gunslinging.
    Hacker - She's pretty handy with a computer too!
    Blade of Inaba - A trophy from her encounter with Lilith's personal assassins, a supernaturally-augmented masterwork katana.
    Orochi Conviction - Manticore dual pistols customized by the Council of Venice Nightwatch.
    Anansi Zeta Pro - Custom-upgraded laptop computer, standard Orochi monitoring suite replaced with custom Illuminati OS.
    Nexus 6 - Mundane smartphone upgraded to send and receive calls through Agartha, anywhere in the world.


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