Illuminati Noah Brennan

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  • Name:
    Noah Alexander Brennan
    In-Game Name:
    Relationship Status:
    153 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Heterochromatic. Right is green, Left is Blue
    Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
    Noah is a young man with lightly tanned skin, green eyes that reminded one of a forest, and medium-length sapphire-blue hair that is perpetually dyed(?), earning him the disliked nickname "UltraBlue." Having at one time been an active dancer and swimmer, his form is athletic yet slim, affording him agility and belying his actual strength.
    He is a walking contradiction; friendly but shy, open yet reserved; in general, he can be difficult to understand, but if he likes you; if he trusts you, he will be an open book. He’s tenacious, loyal, emotional, and empathetic, but on the flip side he can fall into sullen, quiet moods, and can be a bit insecure. Noah can be slow to trust fully but he makes friends easily enough. However, true friends are rarer for him, especially since the incident in Tokyo and suddenly being drafted into The Illuminati.
    Ethnicity: Celtic
    Nationality: British
    Date of Birth: June 21, 1991
    Zodiac: Cancer. Metal Sheep.
    Blood Type: O-

    Likes: Animals, alcohol, nature, history, appreciation, being warm, tea
    Dislikes: Filth, shitty beer, invasive questions, being alone

    Strengths: Kind, ambitious, responsible, loyal, loving, empathy
    Weaknesses: Shy, stubborn, lack of confidence, pessimistic at times


    Reading: Science and Fantasy fiction also Occult tomes.
    Music: Eclectic taste, but he loves music.
    Dancing: Ballet, Ballroom, and just about any type that he can learn or do.
    Swimming: Diving and pool laps.

    Sexuality: Gay; Monogamy or Polyfidelity.
  • Biography:
    A search through records both public and private would reveal that Noah was born on the Summer Solstice of 1991 to Liam and Regina Brennan, the owner of a bookstore and a physicist as well as a professor at Oxford, respectively. Not much else was on file for him aside from inconsequential school records.
    Childhood and Teenage Years:
    1991 - 2011

    Noah was a happy child and he spent much of his time at the shop with his father playing or reading books in the back, playing with the other children in town, or spending a large amount of time in the nearby (and supposedly haunted) Parsonage Wood, both exploring and talking to the trees and fairies as he would tell his parents. As he grew, Noah began spending less time socializing and instead began focusing his time on reading, dancing, and spending more time in the forest; where he felt safe.

    2012 - Present

    Noah was unaware of much of the Tokyo Incident, instead believing the reports that it was all a series of terrorist attacks. He was, at the time, a third-year student at Juilliard. It wasn’t long after
    graduating with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance that he was unwittingly recruited by Gaia in the battle against The Filth, and unwillingly made to work with The Illuminati. He currently considers himself to be working for Gaia.

    The Bee Incident, as Noah might refer to it, brought a number of latent abilities to the surface. His magical abilities improved and expanded and through extensive training he learned how to use a small variety of firearms and melee weapons.
  • Abilities:
    Quick healing.

    Semi-Master-level ice, water, and healing magic.
    Noah tries to keep a versatile set of equipment on him at all times. Most of the time, however, he has a set of dual pistols, and foci for elemental, blood, and chaos magics.
  • RP Hooks:
    Just say hi! Noah won't often be the first one to strike up a conversation.

    On his off time, Noah can often be found drinking in Agartha or London. Feel free to join him.

    Extra Background Information:

    ~ Liam's store is well known to be stocked with a variety of hard-to-find books and tomes it caters not only to your average readers and researchers, but it also holds many precious resources for those who are aware of The Secret World and true magic.

    ~ Regina is not only a physicist and professor, but she conducts invaluable research alongside Templars in hopes of combatting The Filth in the best interest of England and the world as a whole.

    Personal Information:

    ~ Noah would have joined the Templars in his own time if events had not unfolded as they did.

    ~ His father always used to joke that his family line could be traced back to the fairy King Oberon and that a banshee would herald the death of a family member. It was true. If you have the ability to sense Fae he will be a blip on your radar.
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