Templar Thanos 'Asklepius' Caius

  • Name:
    Thanos 'Asklepius' Caius
    168 lbs
    Hair Color:
    Silver white
    Eye Color:
    Pale bluish gray
    Norwich, England
    Taking his profession in consideration, which typically would keep him at a desk or an operating room, Thanos should be the average guy; Yet his body is well-toned, thanks to his regular training and martial art. His prematurely silver white hair, always well groomed, gives a false impression on his age. His eyes are of pale bluish gray, like a foggy morning. Aside his doctor uniform, and if it was only for him, he'd wear grays and blacks exclusively. But Fox influence did make him add a splash of color to his wardrobe; Blue does suits him rather well. Also of note is his British accent, rather formal (Received pronunciation or "Oxford English") giving a hint on his education and upbringing.
    Birth: Feb. 17th 1981 (Aquarius)
    Nationality: British / American
    Ethnicity: Caucassian
    Profession: ER Doctor / Surgeon
    Blood type: O+

    Thanos is the ever serious guy, that will require some patience to get close to. He does crack a smile fairly often, even a light chuckle, but it is doubtful anyone will ever hear him laugh out loud. He's a very intellectual man and as such, despise stupid behavior or individuals - unless, of course, they are afflicted with intellectual disability. He's not a pompous person though and doesn't fling his knowledge at people to appear superior. He is, however, a rather direct person that will not hesitate to speak his mind. All this favors in giving others a false impression on the man, though those who knows him well will tell you there is far more to him than meet the eye.

    Misc. info
    - Published many times in medicine and science periodicals. His thesis "A Qualitative Assessment of Biomedical Ethics in Primary Care Medicine" was also published and won him an award.
    - Wrote "Anima and its applications in modern medicine" though it's never been published, for reason quite obvious.
    - He can speak French fluently.
    - Thanos is the main investor of the Rochester MD clinic, owning 51% of the shares.
    - The three other doctors: Emanuel Jake, Zachary Barclay (co-worker and friend from the hospital) and Eloise Colbert
    - Rochester MD (131 W Broad St, Rochester, NY 14614) is open:
    Monday and Wednesday from 7am to 6pm
    Thursday and Friday from 8am to 9pm
    Saturday 10am to 5pm
    Sunday Closed
    Blood tests Monday and Tuesday from 7am to 10am
    Closed on last 2 weeks of July
  • Biography:
    Thanos was born in Norwich, England, in a rather wealthy family. His father being a doctor and his mother a lawyer, thus providing the household with two substantial salaries. He was a very intelligent child and his parents decided his talents would benefit from the best education money could provide. He spent all his school years in private establishments and, when came his decision to become a doctor like his father, nothing less than the University of Oxford was to be considered. He was accepted on the first round and his academic grades won him a place in an exchange program to study one year in a University in the United-States. Thus he took a trip to Rochester, New York.

    This would lead to Thanos meeting the man of his life, Laurie Nevare, as they'll cross paths at the same dojo, probably because of its proximity to the university's campus. They'll spend the year together as much as their busy schedules allowed before Thanos had to return to England. However, he'll obtain a working visa once his doctorate acquired so he could come back to North America to live with Fox in Rochester. This decision didn't sit well with his father, a highly homophobic man, who ended up cutting all ties with his son. But Thanos had made his choice and kept by Laurie's side. Five years later, he was given United-States citizenship and had a very well-paid position as ER doctor. Fox had also finished his studies and found employment at a private intelligence agency. They were also first in line to get married when the state of New York legalized same sex marriage. Really, life was good, until that fateful day in 2013...
  • Abilities:
    Blood magic
    It's unclear if his skills with blood magic, upon receiving the Bee, find their roots in his chosen profession or it was merely a stroke of chance. Whatever the true reason, the man excel at this sort of magic and, with the guidance of his husband to control Anima, Thanos no longer require the use of a foci for this specific type of magic. He also found a way to purge bodies of Filth corruption using blood magic, though it does take a toll on him and quite an amount of Anima, usually more than he can store inside himself, thus again relying on his husband to transfer some of his Anima to him during the 'procedure'.
    Retractable blade
    Orochi manifactured, Thanos carried a thin blade akin to a short katana that can be retracted and hidden under a long coat. He only carries it when going in regions that are aware of the Secret World, as he does have a day job in Rochester after all.

    Before he mastered blood magic, Thanos used pistols as training to infuse object with Anima. He still carries one on him most of the time as it is easily concealable.
  • RP Hooks:
    RP Connections - How your character may know him:

    - If your character is a Templar - Always nice to know more colleagues.

    - If your character has lived in Norwich, England: Perhaps they were childhood friends or neighbors.

    - If your character has lived in Rochester, NY: Thanos settled there in 2006, living with Fox. They own a spacious condominium on East Ave. (130 East Ave #450, Rochester NY, 14604)

    - If your character attended the University of Oxford: Thanos is an alumnus of the University of Oxford. He did went one year abroad for an exchange student program, but he came back to finish his doctorate. Maybe they could have been classmate, school friend or stayed at the same College/Hall (Hertford) OR, alternatively, have been one of his teachers.

    - If your character recently required the services of his private clinic: The Rochester MD - Private Surgery Clinic, opened in 2014, offers many services and some may have required a few preliminary consultations.

    - If your character has worked at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY: Thanos worked at the ER there for 7 years. Your character could be a fellow doctor, a nurse or any other person working there.

    - If your character attended martial arts classes in Rochester, NY: Thanos always had a passion for martial arts and he frequented schools there when he settled in Rochester in 2006. (Aikido Kokikai Rochester Dojo for approx. 1 year, 2003-2004 / Agape Black Belt center from 2006 to 2013)

    - Any other connections: Could be from his family side, still living in England. Could be a random encounter / friendship.


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