A Brief Secret History of Time

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    ((this is a work in progress but please please feel free to add your comments and all!))

    I was having a conversation recently on the past Ages and their relation to the current Fourth Age which made me think on the confrontation with Lilith at the Orochi Tower where she tells us she was "a scientist, a priestress, a ravening monster..." and that made me wonder: what exactly do we know of the past of TSW? Here is an attempts at putting the few things that we know in a "chronological" order.
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    First Age - ((The Age of Paradise?))

    • The Host create the Jinns, among other supernatural creatures, as servants of Gaia with will of their own.
    • Later Gaia creates the human and gifts them with free will as well.
    • The Child, who is a she, has a glimpse of the Chaos that was before creation and dies after passing her knowledge to a group of people that will later become the Dragon.
    • Likely the time when Lilith meets Samael for the first time. She was a scientist and eventually engineered most of the monsters of that Age.
    • There is a schism among the Host, Samael and the Nephilim along with Lilith fight against the Grigori. That war triggers the End of that Age. The Nephilim are ultimetly defeated.
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    Second Age - The Age of Mystics and Hierophants ((Stone Age?))

    • Lilith incarnates a priestress and gets in contact with the Dreaming Ones for the first time.
    • Those that would later called the Illuminati heard the buzzing coming down the tears of Ra. Solomon among them is the greatest summoner of this Age.
    • Humans learn to summon Demons from Hell. Eventually Hell is depleted of Anima and its proud civilization collapses into savagery. The Jinns seal themselves in the City of Brass and while the Nine Oni Clans distance themselves from their other demonic brethrens.
    • Eblis, one of the Nephilim, will establish himself as ruler of this Realm in the wake of that destruction.
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    Third Age - The Age of Impossible Science ((Bronze Age - Three millenia before the affixed god?))

    • People travel to the Moon and discover time travelling.
    • The Dragon society is formed in ancient China from a group of Chaos riders that followed the teaching of the Child.
    • Two brothers heard the electromagnetic singing of insect cherubins in the Tower of Babel in Mesopotamia, a place where you can see it all. Eventually a woman ((Lilith?)) sets them appart and they leave the Tower. One will create the Templars and one will create the Phoenicians.
    • The Illuminati are formed in the Old Kingdom of Egypt from those that followed the teaching of the Eye and the Pyramid.
    • Dead merchants and nobles of the Old Kingdom resurrected through a strange incident later form the organisation known as the Kingdom away from the eyes of the living. They end up controlling what is then Cairo.
    • Odin and Loki are around. Loki eventually gets into contact with the Dreaming Ones and is exiled/imprisonned by his fellow Norse Gods.
    • Lilith describes herself as a ravening monster. Samael and her nearly get their hands on a Gaia's Engine but the Dreamer in it stirs and this event triggers the End of that Age.
    • ((During the End of that Age, five Secret Societies meet up in Jerusalem, including the Dragon, the Templars, the Illuminati and the Phoenicians, to prevent the Dreamer actual awakening. This group will later be known as the Council of Venice.))
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    · The reality, and thus our perception of Time & Space, is a vivid illusion generated by Gaia through her Engines. The Agartha being part of Gaia illustrates that altered perception of reality as it precisely allows travelling through Time (as in The Darkness War but also on Solomon Island which is locked out of Time within the Fog) & Space (Obviously through the various destinations). Interestingly enough the Agartha and thus Gaia pre-date the First Age so it means that there was a time before Time that we have no records of...

    · Ages are ended when that reality can no longer be handled by Gaia’s specifications (read programs). We know that this happened in the 3rd Age because, as Lilith explained, when she found one of the Dreamer, It stirred in its sleep which caused reality to be altered and that Age to end. That does not mean that the Dreamers are responsible for the two previous Endings. Fun fact, the Council of Venice is formed at the end of the 3rd Age and its record said that the alliance of the Societies prevented the End which awfully looks like a delusion or a storytelling to pose them as Masters of the Secret World while they master nothing at all…

    · When reality is reset that does not mean everyone “dies” it seems more like everyone is “rewritten”; some people seem to be able to retain some memories especially the immortals but they are not be the only ones. Let’s look at some of them and how differently they fared:
    o The Host seem unaffected by the passing of Ages but then again that is a rather normal for “Gaia’s Level 0 Support”.
    o Oddly enough the Buzzing is affected by the passing of Ages, while it can mention information about past Ages, those information are only partial. May it is blocked to access the totality of those past data? Not unlike accessing audit trails of archived data but lacking the right to access full restoration.
    o Lilith says that at every Age she is changed from scientist to priestess to monster and eventually to a red haired femme fatale. Yet she also mention that she has hard time recalling what happened previously even if Samael obviously changed her in ways that allowed her to transcend her mortality and retain her own self.
    o Loki was changed into Beaumont at the end of the 3rd Age as well but he managed somehow to trick the system and to keep his own self, may be through the help of the Dreamers.
    o Solomon is an interesting case because he managed to erase himself from Gaia’s record (he hacked Gaia to erase his file?) and thus to escape the effect of Ages on himself. Interestingly the first Jinn tried the same method by being unnamed only to fall into Solomon’s grasp and then branded as “Nameless” (and thus being named again) and falling back under Gaia’s surveillance.
    o In Tokyo there is a trinity of seemingly immortals (Gozen, Daimon/The Pachinko Machine and Imdeba) that have a strong semblance to the Shinto trinity (Amaterasu, Tsukoyumi and Susanoo – I could elaborate on that semblance) yet they seem to have no recollection of what they were previously. Only Daimon with his split personality due to the Pachinko Machine seem to have some sense of unconscious awareness regarding the big picture.
    o The Societies existed in the First (Dragon), Second (Illuminati) and Third Ages (Templars and Phoenicians) yet they managed to continue to exist through the Ages. One possible way would be that they followed the Nordic legends of Ragnarok and found shelter in the Tree of Life (Agartha) as we see members of the Societies crossing the Agartha to enter Venice (and it seems obvious that not every single members of the Societies are Bees, quite the opposite in fact). May be their founders found other ways to cross the Ages and recreated their Societies all over again with each passing of Ages. Yet we saw above that may not prevent them from losing records of the previous Ages.

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