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    Konnichi wa, minna-san.

    So, Fushichou's been telling me about this site for a while, but I haven't really thought about posting here until recently (eyes Cen >.> ). I finally caved because now and then I still have the urge to write something, but personally with the way TSWL is going and me being unable to play it as-is (the camera makes me sick) I don't know how much interest I'll have in doing that.

    Hm, little more about me I guess... Been playing videogames since forever as I'm sure most folk have. FFXI was my first MMO (talk about a learning curve) and I've played others (still play others) but I think TSW is the one I've invested most in due to a brief stint in RP. If you don't recognize the name, I'm your (friendly?) neighborhood Orochi agent. You'll typically see me running around with my personal drone, Hachi, or jogging shirtless in the rain of Seoul. I've put up a couple things here already, partly to learn how to put stories up, partly to show what kind of writing I do. (And yes, my character does pilot helicopters, among other things.)

    Arigatou gozaimasu! /bow_formal

    /moonwalk_pro out

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