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    Weekend and Jade

    My weekend was me making myself at home on the Prometheus. Set up corner of the arcane lab, putting down an eight foot infusion rune.. yep Upgrade! Made a red jade bracelet for Stacey took a pick before I gave it away. Getting a second place set up with regents seems to be a bit of a demand, good news that means more hunting.

    Today I went hunting gathering all the regents I could and stuffing them in my backpack. Went hunting with PG just some monster stomping. It was nice, I like hunting in a pack like this, and I am learning about people’s fighting styles. Mostly they are bees so they are more powerful than me, but I have my place, they don't look down on me for it.

    I am finding I am allergic to a lot of metals. Iron, Steel, Silver. Talking to the Medic on the Prom.. she will have to make me my own set of medical thing. Some day I will get shot, and she will need to save me.

    For now I am heading back up to the Prometheus, putting things away and then heading to bed. Today was a very good day. I miss Slayer though, but I know he is having a good time reconnecting with his Sensei.


    Picture of Red Jade bracelet
  2. Willow

    Willow Dread Wolf, Kindred, Eturnal Hunter


    Band-aids with Happy Faces.

    Hung out with Matt in the Pub. I adore that man, if I was able to love I would keep him. He like Patch deserves someone who can give them everything. Just like Patch He will find his soul mate, no mater how much I like him. He is better, for now.. the ordeal has brought to light something he has to be watchful for. People aren't meant to see possible futures, especially ones where they see where their soul comes from.

    Saw Amous.. he was so happy to see me. I will have to visit him more often. I like seeing him smile.

    Got an allergy test done in the med bay. Steel I'm allergic to.. and as I sit here I can tell it is getting worse under that band-aid.. well now I know, and a few other things.. Today felt.. depressed I think. I guess ..

    Got the Spider verse #5 yea Spider ham ! I am going to curl up in my room.. and read it now.. I miss Slayer.. I hope I can go hang out with him tomorrow. Once this stuff is off my arm. I have a box of things for my room.. but don't want to unpack till I know they will keep me.

  3. Willow

    Willow Dread Wolf, Kindred, Eturnal Hunter


    The Punishment of Forgiveness

    We went to Spain, to wear Slayer was born. I knew it held unhappy memories for him but I had hoped we could make some new ones. I think we did, sitting on his shoulders as she looked around I took pictures. We had ice cream..

    He went to where he was born.. to find answers. I still do not know if he got the truth, but he did get some sort of closure. Why his mother died, how he ended up there, why they were cruel to him when he was just a child.

    He made a choice.. I saw it in his eyes. Perhaps I had that look when I was thirteen facing the same choice. He forgave them, and we left just like that, the past was buried under the ground and we had tacos.

    I wish it was that easy with the Keepers, I wish I could just walk away. Amous pledged to protect me from them, swore on his true name. I and growing fond of him, he was down so I brought over cookies and fudge. It means more than I can say, there are no words.

    I think I am extremely lucky to have people like Slayer, Amous, and Matt in my life. People I can be close to feel safe, true friends. Matt was in NY, I like hanging out with him. I was arm candy and gave a round out in the open.. Didn't last long teleport spell went off in seconds.

    I would happily spend eternity with Slayer at my side. I would take Matt to every party I ever go to, and Amous to experience the world with.


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