Halloween 2016 - The International League of Monster Slayers!

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    It's nearly Halloween in The Secret World, and you know what that means...



    Would you look at that? It's also worldbuilding time! For this contest, you will be creating the initiation mission for League of Monster Slayers chapters around the world. You can create a League of Monster Slayers for areas already explored in the game (Egypt, Transylvania, Japan), or you can explore the folklore of another country/region altogether!

    All formats are allowed for this contest. You can write a short story about your character completing (or not!) one of these missions, write it out as instructions (complete with stick figure maps and contract, as in game ;)) that might be left behind for an aspiring monster hunter -- whatever floats your boat! There are no word or page limits, so go wild!

    The grand prize winner will receive their choice of the following:
    • The Black Watchmen
    • Year Walk + 600 FC Points
    • The Park
    • Kholat
    • The Walking Dead: Season 1 (Telltale)
    • The Final Station
    • 1200 FC Points
    • Any Steam game up to 15$
    If there are enough contestants, there will also be prizes of 600 FC Points for the runners-up!

    CONTEST PERIOD: 16 October - 8 November
    A one-week extension will be provided if necessary/requested!

    Send all entries to our friendly zombie janitor, or to support@thelowerworld.com.

    Good luck, and may the best monster hunter win!
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    Is announcing the winner on the actual website one month after the fact still considered fashionably late? ;)

    At any rate...


    You can read Kuro's fantastic entry here! :D We'll be putting up into a special section of the Storybook soon, as well.

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