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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Daeyong, Jun 29, 2015.

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    You may know me as David "Daeyong" Young. You may also know me as Jonray from the TSW forums, although I'm not very active there. A few clever ones of you may even know my real name. (It shouldn't be that hard to figure out for a Secret Worlder).

    I've been following TSW for MANY years now. Long before it launched. I've played the game off-and-on since Beta, been a Grandmaster since the first week it was offered. This August will by my 14th anniversary as a Funcom Fanboi. My first MMO was Anarchy Online.

    While I have 4 characters total, Daeyong is my "main" by far. Game wise the other 3 haven't even left Kingsmouth yet. They each have distinct characters to them, but I have a lot more to explore in David still.

    I was recommended over to The Lower World by some folks on Twitter after describing the challenges I was finding around fully in-game RP opportunities. I have to say it feels a little confusing right now. Understanding what the various menu items mean, etc. isn't very intuitive for a new member. But I'd like to see what is being offered.
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    It's great to see someone that has been around since the early days with AO :) Had briefly played it many years ago. Have four characters as well and I'm limiting myself to just that number before altitis kicks in.

    I'm always up for any questions, concerns or anything at all in what I can do to help new people here and to make things more enjoyable. I have this thread open for such things like that http://thelowerworld.com/index.php?threads/tlw-member-feedback.624/
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    As an example of what I mean by confusing...

    So, I've signed up, posted my obligatory "Hello World" thread. But what's next? Do I need to create a character sheet? What is a Group? How do I find out information about them? I see this Showcase thing. Should I be making one of those? What are the rules, guidelines, etc. that I should expect to know to be part of the community here?

    It kinda feels like I'm in a Bethesda game. "Ok, you're in the forest now. What are you going to do next?"
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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    The showcase thing is something to present your char or an NPC or what ever to the world. It would not be a bad idea to make one for your main but it is not needed to.

    Groups you can understand as sub forums for plots / special interests with the owners having special privileges. Most of them have a description that is quite good or at least a few public visible posts you can read. I'm usually to shy to join something on my own too but the best advice is to find something that interests you and post there. If you are not sure it is okay, den a message to the owner of the group and they will be happy to talk to you. I had really good experiences with that on here.

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