Hey there folks!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Travis "Ephemeric" Harlan, May 28, 2015.

  1. Sup folks! Travis here. Been hearin bout this place for a bit, so I figured it was bout time I bellied up to the bar. Been a while... a long while... since I was involved in any forum RP!

    Some of you may know me from Twitter... I'm not as whiny as I look... honest! ;-)

    Anyways, lookin forward to gettin to know y'all a whole lot better!
  2. Collapsible Myth

    Collapsible Myth The Cake is a Lie Retired Admin

    Glad to have you here. We're all different from our Twitter selves, sometimes :D
  3. Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar

    Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar Sincerely, Ms. Johar

    Hey, I know that guy! He owes me money! Just kidding! Good to see a familiar face, one whose arm I may have twisted to get him on here.
  4. Ethan Edwards

    Ethan Edwards Supporter

    Welcome! You'll like it here.

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