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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Nerlani, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Nerlani

    Nerlani New Member

    Just a quick heya all and Howdie
    Char is Nerlani Firehawk ,well my open char I've been kicking around TSW for a while and in AOC for longer ..old time table top RPer and also not New to MMORPG former Military Canadian and part 1st nations /Native American myself
    Sort of found here following link from a Post at TSW Roleplayers site.Not a big fan of Twitter RP and such .. But willing to give things a try ..
    Hope I'll have fun an hope folk Like Ms Firehawk and is more to her then the party animal most know ..Work hard Play hard an enjoy life kinda her Philosophy.
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  2. Voltigeur

    Voltigeur Active Member Admin

    Welcome to The Lower World, Nerlani! I hope that you'll have fun here, too. Ms. Firehawk's philosophy is one that I think we can all get behind. ;)
  3. Nerlani

    Nerlani New Member

    Thank you Voltigeur (and interesting Name as I know what they were ..) .be working on her Bio char page more ,and yes I did the art work in it and my avatar for her ,my self sort of got led here by Asmod ..by the way
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  4. velvetvalor

    velvetvalor New Member Moderator

    Hey, welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and we see more of your posts :)
  5. Nerlani

    Nerlani New Member

    Thank you Velv ,hope to be posting more soon still trying to work out some of her Bio/backstory for now . I'm glad you liked what little is here at present.
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  6. colts450

    colts450 Active Member

    Hey There Nerlani. Welcome.:)

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