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    The Lower World's "Login as User" feature allows you to quickly and easily switch between characters as you roleplay. This short tutorial will show you how to set up sub-accounts and switch between them!

    1. Navigate to the "Sub-Accounts" section of your account settings.
      You can do this easily by mousing over your name on the top right corner of the screen, then clicking on "Sub-Accounts."

      That will bring you to the following screen:[​IMG]

    2. Enter a name for your sub-account (your character's name) under "Create New Sub-Account."
      You do not need to create a password or associate an email in order to create a sub-account! In fact, leaving these blank makes switching between accounts easier, since you won't have to enter passwords every time you switch. :)

    3. Log in to your new account using "Login as User."
      All you have to do is mouse over "Login as User" and select a character! :D
      TIP: If you don't see this link in mobile view, try turning your phone sideways!
    And there you have it! There are no limits to how many sub-accounts you can create, so those with altitis need not fret. ;) Create characters to your heart's content!​

    Can't post with your new sub-account? Having trouble logging in? Let an admin know, and we'll look into it for you!​

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