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  1. Hi there! I am a Rainspirit, and I play Evelyn "Popclaw" DeKorte among other Secret Worlders. I've been meaning to dip my toes into LowerWorld and RequineRP for a while!

    Out of character, I am a quirky Canadian Aspie from British Columbia, and I generally do my best to be as friendly and approachable as possible to compensate for my main's hypercritical, off-putting demeanour. You can reach me here on LowerWorld, or Enjin/TSW-RP, or Twitter, or on Skype as northernterror24, or gmail/gtalk at northernterror24@gmail.com.

    I may also announce my other alt on LowerWorld, though at the moment I'm a little cautious about what kind of reception I might get here, given past experiences. Hopefully I am welcomed! :) It's good to see some friendly faces on here.
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    Aloha, good to see you've come by :D

    One thing is that we're open to any and all kinds of players, characters and such. Friendliness is the name of the game here even if some characters tend to be less so.

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