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    Hello, everyone. I am Terra, and I think I know a lot of you from TSW-RP or Twitter, or you know, actual ingame play. It's kind of funny that we have all of these out of game places to play, and it's like...with all the trouble Funcom is going through at the moment, even if we lost the game, with all of our art, and places to play, I could keep going, as-is, without missing a beat. That's pretty cool.

    And this is supposed to be my introduction! I've been at this game since about a month after launch. I was in City of Heroes before that. Loved it. So much.

    Some of my favorite games are The Baldur's Gate Series, Civilization, DayZ(RP), Lord of the Rings Online, I really want to love The Old Republic, but it's hard, through lack of people there that I know, or just....because of the era. I don't know. I play a lot of Star Wars: Battlefront on Steam. @_@

    My Steam ID is...oh hell, let me go check. Oh, it's Terra Ryzing with this same icon. Usually this, if you see it anywhere, means its me. I have a Joker one, too, but that's less frequent

    Basically, I came here to check out all of the quality RP that I've been hearing about. There are some good people here who I enjoy, and I trust their opinions, and I basically just want low-to-no OOC drama. It's okay IC, as long as everyone can separate IC from OOC.

    I'm here to have fun. If you are, too? Then I sincerely think we'll dig one another.
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    Aloha and welcome :)

    I too was part of CoX back in the day and had started just after the Arena issue went live. Pretty much that was when I started my mmo life lol. I think there would have been more of an active RP community if there were more places like TLW, TSW-RP and the like were around to take the refugees.

    I'm enjoying SWTOR as I haven't played it before and currently running through the story quests. I'm on Steam as well but most of my time is typically here TSW or SWTOR but on the rare occasion I'm building cities.

    That's the name of the game here is that everyone can have fun and enjoy the role play.
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    Hey! Thank you for the welcome. I'm getting all settled in here, but I hope to start contributing, and joining in(!), soon.

    Are there any tips or tricks or anything about the site I should be aware of?
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    Not much besides that a lot of account items can be found by hovering over your name in the upper right. Settings, account settings, profile cover images, sub-accounts and more can be found right in there.
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  7. /gently headbutts Terra with affection. C:

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