[RP2] The trail to the radio tower

A quiet town where nothing ever happens. Can you survive one week there?

  1. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    "Harpes' mansion is along a path that you've already been on - you've glimpsed it twice today. The coal mine is off that way..." She points westish ".... and across the main road, past a couple of town buildings. The old sawmill is beyond the mine, so with the storm coming, I'd pick the closer one."
  2. Marcos Medeiros

    Marcos Medeiros Active Member Admin

    Even though Marcos jumped at the opportunity to sleep in a warm, dry, cozy (and hopefully bear-free) motel room, he's decided to spend the rest of the daylight hours outside with the rest of the group. They've much to plan, after all, and he couldn't pass up roasting a few marshmallows over the fire pit.

    "I think that my legs would hate me less if we went to the mansion," Marcos says with a crooked smile. As he skewers a legion of marshmallows onto a stick that he's whittled out of a nearby twig, he can't help thinking back to the radio tower.

    It can't be a coincidence that someone was found dead mere hours after that strange interference — and someone who worked at the radio tower, no less. But he won't know more unless he can take a closer look.

    Which will be difficult, now that he's limited himself to the motel. He hopes, at least, that he'll be able to glean something from the nighttime broadcasts. Welp. So much for a good night's sleep.
  3. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    "With the coming weather, maybe the mansion would be the best bet."

    It seemed to be the popular pick among those who had spoken up so far, and with Sarah's early explanation of what happened (or didn't happen) to the Harpes, they might find something there. As much as he wanted to go back to the radio tower and look there, he knew getting tunnel vision never worked out well.

    "At least if it started to pour we'd have something resembling a roof to duck under."
  4. Atrus

    Atrus Hooked on a feeling Moderator

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