[RP3] The Harpes Mansion

A quiet town where nothing ever happens. Can you survive one week there?

  1. Atrus

    Atrus Hooked on a feeling Moderator

    The others agreed that a trip to the mansion was probably the safest choice, for those who didn’t want to stay at the Firs and rest.
    They followed the road until it forked, taking the road to the left that crossed over the Grouse creek. A few minutes later they found themselves right under the jut that they had walked by earlier in the day, and from which they had seen their first, overhead glimpse of the Harpes house.

    It had probably been beautiful, once. It was a Georgian mansion with an evident, major Victorian renovation, three stories high with floor-height windows illuminating a further downstairs floor, a balustered staircase leading to the main entrance, ample windows, and at least three chimneys.
    All of that was in disrepair now, though. Part of the roof had caved in. Many windows were broken, showing tatters of curtains and jagged teeth of glass. The front steps required artful dodging to climb without losing a foot. And the wind playing through the holes made it sound like the house was haunted - if it wasn’t for real. Not to mention, it also looked like a strong gust could make one of the chimneys tumble down at any moment.

    A brass plaque, evidently a late addition, informed the visitors that this was indeed the “historic Harpes mansion”, a verified local treasure, with a proper restoration planned for the end of the 1950s. Evidently that well had run dry when the plans to reopen the mine had folded.

    ((We can assume Mat, Kermit, and Lu are at the Firs resting, unless their players come back, in which case they can join right in.))
  2. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Sarah lets them get a good look at the mansion, then says "I pro'ly don't need to warn y'all that the place has seen better days. If you wanna go inside, well - noone's been making sure it's safe. There's plenty of stuff to fall through, and not many safe ways to get ya out."
  3. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    Craft circles around the mansion, taking a good look at the building. It must have been something back in it's time, but it's state of disrepair made it more likely to be the source of local ghost stories. As he walked back towards Sarah, he asked a simple question:

    "You ever go inside?"
  4. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Sarah shakes her head. "Some of the kids from here say they've been in, or stayed overnight, stuff like that. But I don't know if they have or they're just boasting." She shrugs. "Kendrick's Crossing has our own stupid rites of passage and teenage dares."
  5. Molly Dufrene

    Molly Dufrene Active Member

    "Every place does." Molly murmurs. She focuses on the mansion intently. She's not sure if it's a bee thing or magic practitioner thing, but she has noticed a certain, sense for magic. Well, sometimes. It never seems that reliable. Likewise, she tries to will the buzzing to start talking, although she knows that's definitely not how it works. Otherwise she just looks for strangeness.

    Entering the house seemed like a poor idea. While she wasn't actually worried about getting hurt by falling through the floor, doing so and keeping a low profile would be pretty impossible, especially with their guide around.
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  6. Atrus

    Atrus Hooked on a feeling Moderator

    The house wasn't giving off any particularly evident magical vibe. As far as Molly could feel, if the house was really haunted, it was because of something inside it and not because the building itself was literally alive.
    Or it was, but it could hide it pretty well.
  7. Marcos Medeiros

    Marcos Medeiros Active Member Admin

    Though he doesn't expect to find anything of use there (or anything that Sarah hasn't already told them), Marcos strolls over to the plaque and reads up. And then he looks up at the crumbling mansion before him, rubbing his chin in thought. Everything about it screams DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, but Marcos isn't one to be so easily deterred! He takes only a moment to study the stairs before carefully making his way up. Emphasis on carefully; he can't have Sarah thinking that he scales crumbling ruins for a living, after all.
  8. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Oh - why not? :p
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  9. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    Craft watches Marcos climb the stairs and resists the temptation to say something about tetanus shots.

    "Does Kendrick's Crossing have it's own dilapidated old mansion?" Craft asked, "Where I'm from the stupid teenage rite of passage seemed to be jumping off a cliff into a lake. Nothing so... spooky as spending the night in a place like Harpes Mansion."

    He knew he'd have to go up the stairs and get a look inside the place, but gathering a bit of information first was always useful.
  10. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Sarah shakes her head. "No mansion. We have a never-completed haunted hotel. Some idiot thought that because we're at the crossing of two of the main routes in this area, we'd support a hotel. As in, a city-type hotel." She waves a hand around the forest, shakes her head.
    "Anyway, makes a good place to scare each other."
  11. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    Craft looks from Marcos, carefully climbing the stairs, to Sarah, then to Molly.

    "Well, we shouldn't let him go in alone, right?"

    With a grin he follows in Marcos path, up the steps to the Harpes Mansion.
  12. Molly Dufrene

    Molly Dufrene Active Member

    This seemed like a bad idea. But apparently this is what was happening. Molly just gave a defeated shrug to Craft and Sarah, then started to slowly and carefully follow behind the others heading into the Harpes Mansion.
  13. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Sarah shakes her head slowly, swaps her hat for a headlamp, doublechecks that she has her small first aid kit in her pack and her paracord bracelet on her wrist, and follows the others in.
  14. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    Looking down as he climbs the stairs, Craft tries to keep an eye open for any indication if anything would be calling the mansion home: animal droppings or claw marks in the wood, anything that would indicate something normal -- or abnormal -- was present.

    He also didn't want to go through a rotted board in the stairs leading up into the mansion. So there was that.
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  15. The Dullahan

    The Dullahan Active Member

    ((I think i'm all caught up but if I am missing something or got something wrong in my post, just let me know. =-) Rourke also would have given his name and contact details to Barry. =-) ))

    Rourke had been quiet throughout all of this. He had taken on the role of the loner ever since his awakening to the secret world and being quiet and observing was his default mode. How his old buddies would laugh at him now, or pinch themselves in disbelief. Rourke paused before following, and decided to take a quick walk around the property, mainly around the house itself. He wanted to see if there was anything interesting on the perimeter, but he also wanted to check and see if there was maybe an easier way in that didn't involve climbing the rotten staircase. Perhaps one of the windows closer to the ground level, though that bought its own hazards. He ripped his arms up bad once a upon a time diving through a window and trying to force himself in when there wasn't really space for him. Subconsciously, he rubbed his forearms as the memory made itself known.

    If there was nothing interesting or other ways in, he would head back to the stairs and follow everyone through.
  16. Atrus

    Atrus Hooked on a feeling Moderator

    Molly, Craft, and Sarah followed carefully after Marcos. Despite the short flight of stairs, avoiding the holes and checking the boards for soundness meant they had to climb slowly and one at a time.

    The sailor meanwhile had reached the landing, and was gently pushing on the handle-less main door. To his mild surprise, it opened on the first try. More puzzling was that, on a short inspection, the inside lock and the door frame seemed intact.

    The four of them, now all on the landing, could see that the door opened on a corridor that led to various parts of the house. There was a closed door directly to their right and, past the room, two set of stairs that led to the upper and lower floors. The corridor forked halfway through to their left, probably leading to other rooms. A final door was at the end of the corridor.
    The corridor sported a couple chairs and a small drawer, as well as several faded paintings and photographs on the walls. The paint was peeling a little and there was some rubble on the floor but, being protected from the weather on all sides, the interior so far was definitely less depressing than the outside, if a little dim.


    Rourke completed his walk of the perimeter pretty quickly. Since the first floor windows were tall to accommodate for the lower-ground floor, he could barely see glimpses of the interior: what had once possibly been a parlor, a studio, or a drawing room. He could see even less of the floor below, given the lack of lighting.

    Most of the windows would have to be cleaned thoroughly from wood and glass before trying to enter them, except for a first-floor window on the south-west side were Rourke could squeeze through. However, at the back of the house, there was also a small flight of stairs that led to a door of the lower-ground floor, most likely a staff entrance.

    ((Hope the description of the corridor is clear enough!))
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  17. Marcos Medeiros

    Marcos Medeiros Active Member Admin

    "See? That was not so bad."

    Marcos takes his first tentative steps into the house, squinting as he looks around. And then he remembers that he has a cellphone with a super fancy built-in flashlight, and that he doesn't have to go stumbling blindly around some creepy old house after all.

    He'll just leave that part out in the campfire story.

    "Should we split up?" Marcos says. Thankfully, a mischievous smile spreads across his face; that wasn't a serious suggestion. He's seen those horror movies, after all. He inspects the photographs and paintings in the hallway, then glances at the stairs, trying to gauge how safe they are to climb.
  18. Sarah Whittaker

    Sarah Whittaker Well-Known Member

    Sarah looks at Marcos, then at Molly and herself. "Thanks, but no thanks. I've seen the horror movies. Either Molly or I will break a heel, and the other one will say 'Jinkies' a lot and lose her glasses."

    She turns and looks at one of the paintings. "If this thing's eyes move, I'm screaming and running outside. Just so you all know."
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  19. Craft

    Craft Game Master Game Master

    Craft pulls a small LED flashlight from his pocket, and starts sweeping the small beam of light across the hallway as they travel.

    He grins at Marcos Should we split up? comment and resists the urge to add: Yeah, we can do more damage that way.

    "I'm surprised there's so much stuff here. Figured someone would have wanted at least the photographs..." He finds himself looking at the drawer and after a moment, decides to slide it open. Surely it wouldn't be full of haunted cutlery or anything.
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  20. Molly Dufrene

    Molly Dufrene Active Member

    Molly also pulls out cellphone to use it's flashlight. She just looks at Marcos when he makes his split up joke, but remains quiet. She moves over to the paintings and takes a look at them, careful not to touch anything.

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