Sawasdee, is what Mitch would say :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mitch "Ko-Mak" Randall, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. or Hello! :) I liked the layout for the Character profiles so I started there, but an introduction is absolutely in order!

    I'm new. To everything. SWL and RP. Newb writer too! Not new to mmos.

    It's weirdly intimidating, RP, but ever since I started playing WoW back in 2006 I've been curious about roleplaying. So, Mitch is my first RP. You can see I've started filling out his profile, it's not done but I published it anyway. Got most of his story "buzzing" around in my head, I need to write it down. Constructive help and feedback is very welcome, beit on creating a good profile or how to RP in-game.

    I'm usually in-game on evenings and weekends, my timezone is GMT+2. "Always" present on Twitter.
  2. Voltigeur

    Voltigeur Active Member Admin

    Welcome to The Lower World, Mitch-player! :D Roleplay can be intimidating at first, but I've found this community to be one of the more welcoming ones, and Twitter is a great place to start off! You can also meet other roleplayers at and We also have some writing prompts to help you get a feel for your character.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! We're happy to help. :D
  3. Thank you! And thank you for showing me the writing prompts! Somewhere along the road to adulthood I seem to have lost my creativity and I'd sure like to find it again! That looks like a great place to start. :D
  4. Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar

    Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar Sincerely, Ms. Johar

    Although I'm late to this welcome wagon, I would like to say that Mitch is not only an engaging writer but a pleasure to talk to out of character!

    Welcome to the community!;)
  5. Thank you! For the welcome and the kind words. A wise person once said "I'm only as good as whoever I'm writing with" and so here's my chance to say "Right back at ya!" ;)

    Seriously though thank you, it means a lot.
  6. Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar

    Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar Sincerely, Ms. Johar

    You're welcome, for both!:shy: I see what you did there, Mr. Cheeky!
    Getting into roleplay can be frustrating and intimidating, so I'm going to be in your corner cheering!
  7. Ha haa, Mr. Cheeky :happy:

    It is! I'm so happy to have someone cheering \o/ It makes it a lot less intimidating :D I'm having a blast by the way, if I haven't already expressed it.
  8. Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar

    Jyotsana "Jyoti" Johar Sincerely, Ms. Johar

    Definitely and for always, Mr. Cheeky! :geek:

    It's a lot like stage fright and performance anxiety, isn't it? I have a feeling that in no time you'll have an entire cheering section! :shame: I'm so glad that you're having such a good time! I am too!
  9. Yes very similar to those; in the beginning it feels like everybody's watching and judging and you're just so scared of making a mistake that will brand you as a failure forever :eek: It's not like I'm presenting my life's work here.. and I've never cared much about what other people think of me as a person in rl and now suddenly it should matter?

    Ha ha, does not have to be an entire section I'll take quality over quantity every time ;) Most important is enjoying what you do and the people you do it with (oh gah, I feel my English failed me a bit there, did that come out right? And not too cheeky, I hope :angelic::shame: )

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