Taming the Shrew

A new world opens

  1. Zoe Yamada

    Zoe Yamada Member Retired Admin

    "Bigger than I thought he would be, neverless, we should make sure he's comfortable. I also think we should place some buffering wards placed within bis room. Don't want to lose any more interns than we do already due to Ian." Zoe's voice commanded authority to the others in the van after having picked up the package. She sat up front in the passenger seat. Her well manicured nails short and the long black overcoat pulled tight over her frame. The outline of her pregnant belly clearly could be seen under the coat. She removed a phone from her pocket as she typed out a short message "all we need is another blood mage being twisted by Ian and his views."
  2. EuAngelias

    EuAngelias Active Member

    Out in the street, Ian Junior lounged in a doorway opposite to the target's apartment building. He sipped from his steaming coffee cup as he thumbed through his phone. He looked for all the world like one of New York's young office workers, taking a break from the weather and enjoying some brisk air before heading back in. The back of his neck twinged, a sure sign that anima was being manipulated.

    "Advice, Control." He spoke in his cuff mic to Zoe on the other end. "Do we go in?"
  3. Collapsible Myth

    Collapsible Myth The Cake is a Lie Retired Admin

    The sounds of a bust street could be heard from her end of the line "We have the package and are en-route back to the warehouse. I believe you should pop in and do some shopping." Zoe said as the driver drove through traffic "No, make a left there. It's a shortcut."
  4. EuAngelias

    EuAngelias Active Member

    "Understood, Control." Ian Junior moved through the foot traffic and hurried across the road in a convenient gap in traffic. He was hunched in his coat, collar up, beanie hiding his blond hair. He didn't need it nor the coat. He was quite comfortable despite the winter chill. Entry to the building door was a simple matter. He didn't. Ian Jr walked past it and into a nearby alley. The fire escape was always easy for him. He was poking his head into the target's apartment in no time. He twitched an impressed brow at the destruction inside.

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