The Watchtower - Introduction and interest check

They're new. They're everywhere. Who are they?

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    The Watcher A Brand New World! Moderator

    The Watchtower. They are everywhere. They have offices in all the major cities. They build sites in remote corners of the planet. They seem to be involved in every field of technology. And no one knows where they came from.
    "Watchtower: A Brand New World!"

    The Watchtower is a slow burn plot set in the world of Secret World Legends, and it's open to players from all cabals and factions.

    The goal is to have the story unfold in small vignettes and quick instalments (1-2 days per a short scene, a week for long ones), allowing players to participate even if they can't commit to the full plot. Players can investigate solo or with friends of their choosing. We will use TLW as our base of operations, but scenes can also be played out on Twitter or Google Docs. Watch these spaces for plot hooks!

    You should sign up for The WatchTower if...
    • You like cooperative campaigns where you work together with other players.
    • You like slow-paced stories with more investigation and dialogue than action (though there's going to be some action too!)
    • Your character has an interest in uncovering conspiracies, heists, or corporate espionage.
    • You don't mind possible long-term effects to your character (for as long as the plot lasts - nothing permanent that you do not want!)

    You should skip this if...
    • You want a fast-paced, action based plot.
    • You don't like out-of-game RP (duh).
    • You really don't like lore-bending.

    Playing with Alts
    Playing with more than one character is totally OK on the condition that you disclose to the DM which characters belong to you.​

    If you are interested in participating, please comment under this thread with your character name, Twitter account (if any), and a brief description of how you think they might get involved!

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