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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MasterOfKimchi, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Greetings.

    I play the Twitter persona MasterOfKimchi. If anyone is here from the Sub Rosa plot, you may remember me. If not, I now feel just a little older.

    I am excited to participate in a community RP plot again. I am happy to rp over forums, Twitter or "in person" (aka IG).

    Kimchi is mainly a hacker/tech support/handler with various reputations under a myriad of names spread across the Netverse. He's happy to provide Intel, tech, tech support, little inventions to test in the field, redirected agents, shenanigans, well-timed (or ill-timed) diversions, or just a general wit. He's always happy to spread a little chaos.

    Some of the support he's provided in the past include:
    Cell phones (burner, tech-improved, untraceable, etc.)
    Communication hub and devices for all that field chatter
    Hacking for Intel, diversion, security footage retrieval, and more
    Intel reports
    Centralized information sharing among agents
    Kitten memes
    Various tech such as a rendition of google glass or a digitized version of Dumbledore's light snuffer
    ...the possibilities are only limited by your imagination

    I am happy to facilitate rp amongst or between players. Just send me a message via forums or Twitter.
  2. Voltigeur

    Voltigeur Active Member Admin

    Hello, and welcome to The Lower World, MoK! I'm sure that your character will have plenty of opportunities to spread a little chaos around these parts. ;)
  3. velvetvalor

    velvetvalor New Member Moderator

    Welcome! I think your character and one of mine (Min-suh Kobayashi) may become great hacking buddies :D. They seem to share the same specialties.
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