The End is at the Beginning

She caught herself chewing her nails again. It was a nasty habit she did when she was nervous. Unfortunately, Molly was always a little nervous when Temple Hall requested her presence unexpectedly. This time however, she had been called into a morgue, which was new, and was now stuck waiting. That wasn’t helping with the nervousness.

The door to the morgue room she was standing outside of opened as two people walked out. Molly recognized DI Shelly, and although she had never met the well dressed man, she could tell from his cufflinks that he was from Temple Hall. The Detective-Inspector took a long look at Molly, before just shaking her head and walking off. The Templar stepped forward towards Molly.

“Hello, I called you here in hopes of any information you could impart on, well, it’s probably easier to just show you. Although it might be a bit, well, odd.” He sheepishly waved his hand at the door in invitation.

The morgue room was cold, and rather bare. The only thing of interest was the table obviously containing a body covered by a sheet. The Templar, who Molly just sorta realized she had no idea what his name was, carefully pulled back the sheet.

It was surprising seeing your own face, cold and unalive, on a morgue table. At first, Molly thought she must be mistaken, but no, it was unmistakably herself laying there. Staring at it felt like a calm eternity before the the Templar interrupted it.

“From your reaction, I’m guessing this is a surprise to you as well.”

Molly nodded “What, what is this?”

“We’re not sure. The body was found in Darkside, and we were informed, given your membership with us. We of course, had no knowledge of your death, given you were very much alive. Could this be a sibling perhaps?”

“No, I’m an only child.” She suspected he knew this already, Temple Hall must have looked into her entire history when they recruited her.

“I see. Quite a mystery then. A field agent’s corpse, with a stab wound, but the same agent quite alive as well, with no knowledge of how this happened. You haven’t been creating some sort of simulacrum or clone then?”

“No.” Molly looked into her double’s eyes, There was electricity, a hot humid feeling followed by a moment of darkness. A jumble of visions flashed in the briefest of moments. She saw the night she had gotten her bee, the worst night of her life. She saw herself dying alone, in the future she was sure. But the important thing she saw was the book. That damn book.

“Are you okay.” The Templar’s voice snapped her away from vision. She felt flushed, and a bit dizzy, but she kept her composure with a deep breath.

“I, uhh, yes. I’m fine.”

“Of course. We’ll get to the bottom of this I’m sure. If you think of anything, feel free to contact your handler at Temple Hall.” Molly nodded, and headed out, taking a one last look at the body as she departed. The book was supposed to have been destroyed, but it had not, she was sure. She was also sure the book was connected to this somehow.

She couldn’t bear to tell anyone of the vision, it hurt too much. It hurt too much to leave it alone too. She needed to find the book, maybe just to find the closure she had been trying to find ever since she had stepped into the secret world. For Amber, for herself.

Even if it ended up killing her.
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