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The Lion, The Witch and the Bureau

Zoe Yamada

"Anything else you could elaborate on detective?" Zoe stood there dressed in a sharp black pants suit, waiting on the NYPD detective to finish his morning coffee while he lazily thumbed through the folder on his desk. "I believe I don't need to remind you in the nature of this case."

"I understand completely and in fact I respect the FBI, even more so than I do you." He never looked up from the steaming cup of coffee, sipping slowly to further drive home the point of his attitude.

Trying to not lose patience and simply control him to do her bidding, Zoe waited "Very well then, answer this question then. What precisely did your partner say to her?"

Slowly he looked up to her with a cold, uncaring glare "He told her to not kill the guy. She ignored him and slit his throat so my partner shoot at her and that's when shit went crazy."

Marli Anderson

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"Your looking at life for the crap you pulled." The detectives breath stank of stale coffee and cigarettes. It took a lot of her concentration to not rip his heart from his chest "your friend is part of the problem of f this diseased city, I only remove those that have been proven to be useless to the world."

Knowing as the hours had passed by each time the detective entered she could press him even more, testing his breaking point. "You should know that he contributed to the ongoing problem of society downturn." Marli had already felt the meaty brick of his left hand twice earlier. Her eye swollen shut. "I've been watching him for weeks and seeing how he treats his family, the abuse towards the other woman he sees and how that slides back into his home."

"Shut your mouth" the pain flashed yet again across the side of her face "say one more lie and I'll fucking ghost you."

Spitting out a stream of dark blood onto the table she was handcuffed to. "Yes, you, yourself are a pedigree of law enforcement." Sensing her sisters presence enter the room just on the other side of the one way mirror "finally." Marli thought. The door for f the interrogation room opened "Nick, why don't you take a break."